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Drives returning bogus data on failed reads

Some examples of drives returning bogus data after failed reads. Among data recovery engineers these are referred to as “mold” or “edu” sectors and they’re most likely parts of the drive’s S.A. or system area. Anyway, they have nothing to do with the original data from the failed sector.

Corrupt JPEG Files and how to fix them

In this blogpost we’ll look at: A good JPEG as point of reference JPEG header corruption and how to repair Header + part of image data damaged and repair Corruption in JPEG image data resulting in visual anomalies JPEGs beyond repair that no one likes to hear about First things first, what is repair and… Read More »

Recovering fragmented files

There’s a lot of not accurate information about recovery of non contiguous or fragmented files on the internet. Since my specialized data recovery service deals with this a lot I’ll share some information with you on the topic. What is a fragmented file? The answer is simple: If file data is stored in two or… Read More »

Create a disk image of a SD Card or small USB flash drive

In this post I’ll explain how you can create a sector-by-sector disk image of a small USB flash drive or memory card using JpegDigger. This type if disk images are also referred to as dd or RAW image files. The disk image is an exact copy of each sector of the drive that was imaged.… Read More »

These 9 Sony memory cards might corrupt your files

Sony has issued a product advisory warning for nine of its SD memory cards, across three different product lines, that might damage your data. The cards, listed below, are at risk of corrupting your files when recording video, according to Sony: SF-M Series SF-M64 SF-M128 SF-M256 (Applicable cards can be identified by the presence of… Read More »

Leapp refurbished iPhone 8 – Binnen maand stuk (Dutch article)

Leapp refurbished iPhone 8 = als nieuw (niet!) De hel genaamd .. Tsja, het lijkt een sympathiek idee. Een 2e hands iPhone, echter helemaal nagekeken en met garantie. Ik heb zelf niets met iPhone or Apple, maar het is een mode-ding onder tieners, dus dochterlief wil er een. Een refurbished iPhone lijkt de ideale… Read More »

AV False positives are a plague, specially those by AI

This post if about the power of big tech companies like Microsoft (I have had similar experiences with Google), and also about the human touch being replaced by AI. About artificial intelligence make decisions, and the failure to provide effective channels to correct mistakes made by AI. I normally never beg for up-votes, shares or… Read More »

Professional grade data recovery software on a budget

Who does not want it, professional grade data recovery software on a budget when you have an immediate need for it? Forget Stellar, forget the Disk Drill and RecoverIt! Although I have been and still am an enthusiastic advocate for ReclaiMe File Recovery, I try to keep an open mind and test other tools regularly.… Read More »