Welcome to DiskTuna.com, home of the JPEG repair Ninja. For more than 20 years I developed and was involved in development of data and file recovery software. I do data recovery (photo recovery), I do photo repair and I blog about these topics.

I offer an Online JPEG/Photo Repair Service. I serve customers world-wide, however most of my clients are from the USA or Europe. My service is a manual service unlike similar services, and this allows me to repair digital photos that others can’t.

My data recovery service is limited to photo and video recovery and the most common media types they’re kept on: Removable, flash based devices such as SD Cards and USB Flash Drives. Specialized Photo Data Recovery Service.

If you want to try yourself: DIY Photo Repair and Recovery tools which I made for my own use initially.

Information in Dutch language about my photo recovery and repair services can be found here.

Media_Repair: Free video repair / audio repair for STOP-DJVU encrypted MP4, MOV, M4V, 3GP, WAV and MP3 files.

World’s best all-round data recovery software!

Since I concentrate on photo repair and recovery software and no longer develop generic file recovery software myself, my goto recommendation for generic data recovery is ReclaiMe File Recovery. ReclaiMe comes with an unconditional, no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. I consider ReclaiMe File Recovery the most user friendly, fast and effective data recovery software  you can try for hard disk, SSD and even NAS and RAID recovery. Recover your data with a few clicks within minutes rather than hours. 

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Download the latest version of ReclaiMe File Recovery
Note: Do not download or install on drive containing the lost data! Why?

Photo Repair Service

Photo Recovery Service

Photo Repair & Recovery Software

I can repair digital photos that refuse to open or that look distorted (see example below). 

  • Corrupt JPEG headers
  • Repair invalid JPEG markers
  • Correct errors in JPEG bitstream 
  • Damaged colors in image
  • Shifting image data
  • Grey block in image
  • Partially loading images
  • RAW photos (may be delivered in TIFF format if possible, else JPEG)


Let me Recover your photos (and videos) for you!

With my years of experience and specialized equipment I can often recover intact photos and videos where end user file and photo recovery software fails.

This is even true if:

For my repair service I developed tools that were initially meant for my own use.

Based on my experience I released a set of tools that you can use to repair and recover corrupted photos yourself: The JPEG-Repair Toolkit.

This kit includes a repair (JPEG-Repair) but also a recovery component (JpegDigger), as experience learns that often corrupt photos are the result of incorrect photo recovery.

Your JPEG-Repair Toolkit license will work with JpegDigger too. JpegDigger  and JPEG-Repair can also be purchased as separate tools.

More info

More info

More info

Photo Repair Service - Half JPEG image due to invalid JPEG Markers and corrupt data. Several of many more intermediate states of repair.

Photo Repair Service – Half JPEG image due to invalid JPEG Markers and corrupt data. Several of many more intermediate states of repair.


Welcome to my website DiskTuna! DiskTuna is pronounced ‘disk-tuner’, and it’s the name of the defrag freeware I made years ago. It was a ‘side project’ as I spent most of my time on developing data and disk recovery software and offering data recovery support.

Nowadays my focus is on photo recovery and photo repair. I have always been passionate about ‘fixing stuff’. 20+ years ago that started with repairing partition tables and boot sector, today it’s repairing photos that I really enjoy doing. 

If you decide to use my photo repair service or purchase my tools, you don’t buy just some service or software; it comes with a promise that I will do everything it takes to repair your photos or to allow you to do so yourself. 

What I do not do is fix blurry digital photos or restore scratched old analog photos. If you are interested in that I suggest you visit https://fixthephoto.com/

Latest Video

If time permits and of course if the owner of the photo permits I try to put up videos of actual repairs or instructional videos related to photo recovery or repair. My channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DiskTuna/videos

Video production isn’t my specialty and neither is presentation, please keep that in mind ;-)

Anyway, a like and subscribe is always appreciated! Now working towards the goal of 1000 subscribers which will open up some options to me on YouTube.

<< In this video I show how I determine if a file contains JPEG data. If it does not then it can not be repaired. I show you how I extract preview JPEG and how I decode remaining JPEG data using a donor JPEG header.

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