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Hi and welcome to! I (Joep) have over 20 years experience in developing data recovery software. My most recent area of interest is the recovery and repair of digital photos.

DiskTuna in a nutshell (what do I have to offer):

I need my files back now! Can you just give me your best recommendation …

Yep. After testing numerous file recovery programs, I am truly convinced that ReclaiMe File Recovery is the most user friendly, fast and effective data recovery software  you can try for hard disk, SSD and even NAS. – DiskTuna is a Technical Support Partner for ReclaiMe File Recovery.

Download this:
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I need help with deleted, lost or corrupt photos!

I offer an Online Photo Repair Service

I can repair photos that software can not. Some repairs require the human eye, experience and intuition that software simply can not offer.

You can try repairing photos yourself using my DIY JPEG Repair Toolkit

Based on experiences repairing photos for my photo repair service I wrote a utility that can help you repair your photos yourself. It can help you repair corrupted headers, get JPEG data from RAW photos and even allows you to edit the JPEG bitstream to correct color errors and image shift (see example below).
I repaired this photo for a customer (repair service) using the JPEG-Repair Toolkit

I repaired this photo for a customer (repair service) using the JPEG-Repair Toolkit

The world’s most thorough photo recovery software: JPEG Recovery LAB

JPEG Recovery LAB is designed to recover photo and video files from memory cards. It can reconstruct files that other software can not due to the nature of the file system on memory cards (FAT32/exFAT). It can perform it’s magic with JPEG, Canon RAW (CR2) and Nikon RAW (NEF) and also MOV and MP4 video.

JPEG Recovery LAB recovers most intact JPEGs compared to popular software like Stellar, Easeus and PhotoRec.

Highly recommended advanced disk monitoring SMART software
World’s best and most complete hard disk health monitor, HD Sentinel

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