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Repair corrupt and broken JPEGs like a pro using JPEG-Repair Toolkit


For more than 20 years I (Joep) developed and was involved in development of data and file recovery software. Now, I do specialized data recovery : photo recovery / video recovery/ NAND flash recovery (memory cards, pen drives etc.). I do photo repair / video repair. But if people ask me to repair audio I try that too. I offer an Online JPEG / photo /video repair service. I serve customers world-wide, however most of my clients are from the USA or Europe. This is a manual service unlike similar services, and this allows me to repair digital photos and video that others or utilities can’t. You can also try the tool I created to do these JPEG repairs. I blog about these topics, which I am passionate about. Information in Dutch is here.

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Media_Repair: Freeware video repair / audio repair for STOP-DJVU encrypted MP4, MOV, M4V, 3GP, WAV and MP3 files.

For many years I developed (now discontinued) or was involved in development of generic, all-round data recovery software. But not at this time. If you’re looking for all-round file recovery software I recommend UFS Explorer File Recovery:


Photo Repair Service

Photo Recovery Service

Photo Repair & Recovery Software

I can repair digital photos that refuse to open or that look distorted (see example below). 

  • Corrupt JPEG headers
  • Repair invalid JPEG markers
  • Correct errors in JPEG bitstream 
  • Damaged colors in image
  • Shifting image data
  • Grey block in image
  • Partially loading images
  • RAW photos, NEF, CR2, etc. (may be delivered in TIFF format if possible, else JPEG)


Let me Recover your photos (and videos) for you!

With my years of experience and specialized equipment I can often recover intact photos and videos where end user file and photo recovery software fails.

This is even true if:

For my repair service I developed tools that were initially meant for my own use.

Based on my experience I released a set of tools that you can use to repair and recover corrupted photos yourself: The JPEG-Repair Toolkit.

This kit includes a repair (JPEG-Repair) but also a recovery component (JpegDigger), as experience learns that often corrupt photos are the result of incorrect photo recovery.

Your JPEG-Repair Toolkit license will work with JpegDigger too. JpegDigger  and JPEG-Repair can also be purchased as separate tools.

More info

More info

More info


Latest video: USB flash drive data recovery by controller + NAND transplant

We have basically 3 ways of recovering data from ‘broken’ USB Flash drives that no longer respond to file recovery software:

  1. Repair the flash drive
  2. If flash drive is too damaged, transplant controller and/or NAND chips to matching donor
  3. Chip-off where we desolder the NAND and dump the chip’s contents, this is usually the most expensive option

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