Hi, my name is Joep van Steen and I live in the Netherlands, Europe. I am 52 years old, have one daughter, and a Bulgarian rescue dog.

The site’s name, ‘DiskTuna’, is about why I first built this website: To be the home for my freeware defrag utility DiskTuna (pronounce: disk-tuner).

I have over 20 years of experience in developing data recovery and disk utilities. I remember my first recovery where I was helping someone gain access to deleted partition using a hex/disk editor. It was an awesome feeling when he was able to access all his data again. It inspired me to write my first DOS based partition recovery software. Helping people recover their data is somewhat of a hobby and what I am passionate about since then.

I am also the founder of DIY DataRecovery.nl (discontinued). I am fascinated with hard disk related software, ever since working for PowerQuest years back. It was then I first experienced the absolute kick of helping someone helping recover his data. It was also during that period I worked on software in my own time that eventually resulted in DiskPatch. DiskPatch is a program to repair corrupt MBRs, partition tables and boot sectors.

Then one day someone asked if it was possible to repair a JPEG file. It almost immediately struck me! This was wanted what I wanted to explore next. Long story short I managed to repair the JPEG. Not soon after the next. And the next. I am not a talented programmer but I still always try to automate what I have to do over and over. The small utilities I made for my own use organically evolved into something I at some point considered useful enough for releasing. The JPEG-Repair Toolkit was born. It is still evolving. As now people ask me to repair all sorts of files I made some video repair tools and only very recently something I can use to examine and repair RAW photos.

I have never made anything with selling it in mind. Like I said, the tools organically grow and evolve and they do because I love working on them, even with my limited skill set. The software I sell are not products, they’re tools that I use myself every day.

Over the years I had the pleasure of getting to know many top data recovery engineers around the globe and I am lucky enough they accept me into various of their online (some times secret) communities. The idea behind many of these communities is that 2 know more than one, and 10 more than 2.

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Recently I developed an interest in JPEG repair and recovery because available software was unable to repair or recover severely corrupt JPEG files. The result is my JPEG Repair Service and JPEG Repair Toolkit software.

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For almost any software on this website, even the ones I do not like I may receive a small commission if you decide to buy the software.


If you need data recovery please use the form here. Note that I only offer physical data recovery from small flash based devices such as memory cards and USB flash drives, not hard drives.

Alternatively sent me an email: joep@disktuna.com.

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