Recent changes to JPEG-Repair Toolkit

Changes to JPEG- Repair from version 2 > I feel quite confident in saying, that IF a file is repairable (so, contains JPEG data + we have reference header), JPEG-Repair Toolkit can help you do it. MCU aware pseudo JPEG decoder with (decoding) error detection Improved navigation through image using image view (up/down line of… Read More »

Fake memory cards

Not a week goes by where I am not confronted with loss of digital photos caused by fake memory cards. The sad news is that as these photos were never actually saved to the card they can’t be repaired nor recovered by tools like JPEG-Repair or JPEG Recovery LAB. A 32 GB card that you… Read More »

Software review: Stellar Repair for Photo

Stellar JPEG repair is now Stellar Repair for Photo I noticed Stellar renamed their photo repair tool from ‘Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair’ to ‘Stellar Repair for Photo’. ‘Photos’ suggests that rather than being limited to repairing JPEG, it also supports other formats. I visited their website and downloaded the new version. This is just a… Read More »


Repair-JPEG.exe is the utility created by Wim Vanmaele that inspired me to add patching to my own JPEG Repair software. I can locate only one source on the internet that refers to this program. If that for some reason would seize to exist all references to it will be lost, which is why I will… Read More »

Quit smoking – Start Vaping

I smoked for years, then got into vaping and then unfortunately started smoking again. Vaping First time vaping When you want to get into vaping, the options are overwhelming. Honestly I do not know even half of it, and each day I see and read new stuff. Tanks, mods, coils. AIOs (all in ones), pods,… Read More »

Google Search SUCKS

Okay, for starters, this may be confirmation bias. Keep that in mind. Okay? And also: Would you pay for this crap? Would you pay in order to be able to use Google Search? I would most certainly not. So they were smart enough to offer it for free. And since every body likes a free… Read More »

JPEG repair, example of a heavily corrupted photo

In this short blog post I show an example repair of a heavily corrupted and distorted JPEG photo. End result is far from a beautiful picture, but sometimes something is better than nothing. Specially if it is one of the few photos of a loved one that is no longer with us. This is what… Read More »

NAS Data Recovery Software, ReclaiMe and UFS Explorer

With Network Attached Storage or NAS for short becoming more popular, the demand for quality DIY solutions for NAS data recovery software increases. I will introduce two of those, and will expand the article in the future with other solutions I come across. Common steps to recover data from a NAS Steps: Disassemble the NAS and… Read More »