Photo Repair and Photo Recovery Service

DiskTuna offers Photo Repair and a Photo Data Recovery Services!

With a ton of experience in repairing corrupt and damaged photos as well as in recovering photos (and videos too), you can rely on my expertise and proven track record to repair and recover photos that can not be repaired by end user repair and recovery tools.

Photo Repair Service

Photos capture our most cherished and precious moments in life. Unfortunately, photos like any digital file can become damaged and corrupt. Relying on experience and custom built software I can repair photos as long as the file contains a portion of the original data. If you’re unable to even open a photo, or upon opening them your photos look corrupted and distorted, I can often repair these images.

You can email me files, share them with using a file sharing service or upload photos to my website. I’ll diagnose the files and will share my findings with you. If you agree with my price quote I’ll get to work. Many corrupt photos need to be repaired manually.

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Photo Data Recovery Service

Basically as soon as I started my photo repair service I was confronted with photos that were corrupt due to being recovered incorrectly. In such cases repair is often not an option so instead I offered clients that I’d try to recover the photos for them. So unofficially I have been recovering photos since then. Often photos can actually be recovered even if typical end user undelete and recovery type software is unsuccessful. I am even sometimes able to recover intact photos where other labs could not.

After investing in professional data recovery equipment I then decided to offer Photo and Video Recovery from small flash based devices such as memory cards and USB Thumb drives. My advanced data recovery hardware allows me to guarantee that the drives sent to me are never altered and that everything is being done not to deteriorate their condition. It also allows me to handle devices that Windows and data recovery software fail to work with.

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