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I repair corrupt and damaged JPEG photos! I try to keep this online JPEG Repair Service affordable for everyone. I will try everything I can to fix your corrupt or damaged JPEG files. I can fix files that JPEG repair software can not. So even if you have tried software like Stellar JPEG repair or my own JPEG Repair Tool and were unable to fix your photo, there is a more than fair chance I can repair them manually.

Your confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed, and the service is performed on a secure, private computer. If necessary, I will sign any NDA or other agreements prior to recovering data. After completing image repair I will delete all your images from my PC.

No cure, no pay JPEG Repair!

This service is for existing JPEG files that are corrupt. So you can see them in a file browser but when you double click them they do not open at all or they do not display correctly. If you need to recover lost or deleted files from a memory card, use JPEG Recovery LAB instead.

1. Deliver your corrupt JPEG files

2. Order your repaired JPEG files

1. Deliver your corrupt JPEG files

  • Using a File Sharing Service like Dropbox or Google Drive. This is the preferred method as it is the most robust when working with larger files. Also it does not put stress on my webserver. If you have a large number of files to repair, ZIP them and upload them to your file sharing service. Send me the URL so I can download the file. If you password protect the ZIP file, include the password.
  • Sent the files by email. If you have only a few files you can email them.
  • Use the File Upload form below. If you have no other options use the File Upload on this page.
  • Typical response time is one week.


Since this is keeping me busy enough I do not want to spend time on emailing back and forth asking for samples or back ground information and context. Therefor:

  1. Some types of damage I can only fix if I have a sample of an intact file, specially when the file does not open at all. If you can not open the JPEG at all, I need a header of an intact file. Please include a sample file, shot with the same camera using the same settings. Name the file sample.jpg so I can recognize it.
  2. Provide an explanation of the problem. Provide context. So for example explain if the files became corrupt after recovery, or after copying, or if they became corrupt without apparent reason. Knowing the context helps me, prevents me from wasting time and helps me suggesting possible solutions. ‘Can not open’ is NOT an explanation of a problem.

** Failure to comply with these simple requests will mean I will simply delete your upload without notification. **

Upload files to DiskTuna server

Following restrictions apply: Max file size 64 MB. Accepted file extensions: ZIP, JPG and JPEG. For added privacy and security you may want to use password protected ZIP files.

Note: Upload supports drag and drop.

JPEG Repair Service File Upload

This is a short video that shows the different stages of repair of a severely damaged JPEG.

2. Order your repaired JPEG files

When I’m finished I’ll notify you about the number of files I am able to repair by email. Once you payed, I sent you the repaired files. If you first want proof I can sent watermarked samples. If you have a larger number of files to repair (10+), sent me an email ( and we can discuss the price.

Item Remarks Purchase
JPEG Repair Unit (*) No cure, no pay. Per file! Click link, adjust quantity as needed after I repaired the files.(**) 9.95 EURO/USD

(*) Do not order until I have contacted you with the number of repaired files.
(**) I may need to charge more when images are severely corrupted.

Prices are ex. VAT (if applicable).

An example of stuff I can fix:

Images are published with customer’s permission. Faces blurred as per customer’s request.

JPEG Repair - corrupt JPEG file JPEG Repair - Got rid if invalid markers in image stream JPEG Repair - editing the image stream JPEG Repair - More editing of raw bytes JPEG Repair - Almost there, finishing up JPEG Repair - Final result. repaired jpeg file.

More examples here.

Types of JPEG file corruption

JPEG is a standard, a specification. A standard that describes how data inside JPEGs is stored. A JPEG is typically a chain of ‘markers’. One marker points to the next, then the next, etc.. Each marker serves a different purpose. For example, a marker can contain a comment. Another contains EXIF data which can contain all kinds of information on the image file: data taken, geo info, camera model etc.

The most important marker I guess, contains the actual image data. Roughly 5% of a JPEG file is meta data, the rest, 95% is the actual image. The 5% meta data is found at the start of the file and is also called the header.

Corrupt header

A typical symptom of a damaged header is that the file is not recognized as a JPEG file and that it can’t be opened at all. To fix this kind of damage I also need an intact JPEG file, shot with the same camera using the same settings. If only some data inside the header is corrupt, depending on the image viewer you may get a more relevant error message, like “invalid huffman table” (which is required to decompress image data).

corrupt jpeg header

JPEG corruption – Corrupt Header

Corrupt image data

When the image data itself is corrupt, the JPG will probably load, however the image will be distorted. If a portion of the image data is missing (truncated file), part of the image will show. The latter is quite common after using photo recovery or file recovery software.

Another type of damage is bit corruption: Data inside the image ‘stream’ is corrupt. This can result in the image shifting and color errors.

fixed jpeg from which part of image was grey

Corrupt JPEG FIle – Corruption in bitstream

How do I do it?

I am using a number of tools that are constantly under development. I call my tools the JPEG Repair Toolkit. It consists of 3 utilities. Apart from that I use a 3rd party hex editor and several photo editors for post processing.

JPEG Repair Toolkit consists of:

  • A utility that checks JPEG structures. It follows and checks the chain markers I described earlier.
  • A tool that allows me to modify the image stream at the byte level, just like a hex editor. It has a built-in JPEG image decoder that allows me to directly view the effects of the modifications that I make. Thus I do not have to switch from a hex editor to an image viewer all the time. I can also step through the decoding process so I can see at what byte address corruption is introduced. This is a very labor intense process that requires the human eye.
  • As I change the image stream by adding, subtracting and modifying bytes I introduce new anomalies. To camouflage those I created an inpaint tool.
Example JPEG repair

All phases of JPEG repair

An example of what my “inpainter” can do: In this case it removed the runner. When doing JPEG Repair I remove the grey boxes with it.

Watch the runner disappear Runner wiped from picture


17 thoughts on “Online JPEG Repair Service

  1. Alex

    Amazing job! I had one corrupt file from a JPEG photo that was half grey. It was fixed in honestly under 10 minutes and it looks perfect! Thanks so much for saving my picture!

  2. Christopher Henney

    I can see image normally in camera on playback but when transferring to Photo on Mac some images can` t be transferred . I have approx 12 images in a set of 2000 all of them together and at the end of photos taken . Can they be recovered ?

    1. Joep Post author

      @Christopher Henney: I can only tell for sure if I see the photos. What do they look like if you transfer and open them then? If you can sent me one or two I can have a look.

  3. Juan

    I already send you an email requesting information about a jpg repair files.
    I hope you can answer me soon. Thank you in advance

  4. Joe

    If I send you 100 file , you could fix 90 , and I only need 20 of them , how is the pricing?

    1. Joep Post author

      So basically you want me to spend time on 100 images and only pay for 20? No deal as far as I am concerned. It’s not like me waving a magic wand and poof, all is fixed. If you sent me 100 then I expect you’re interested in all 100 and pay me for each image I repair. As stated on this page, with > 10 images we can negotiate a price but that’s not something I do in the comment section.

      Also, some times I can extract previews rather easily, in which case I could send you those and then you specifically tell me which images you’re interested in.

  5. Chandra


    This is Chandra. I am not able to open around 150 JPEG files and I get the message sayin gf “the file is corrupted”. How much do you charge to repair 150 JPEG images?


    1. Joep Post author

      Sent me a few for examination and then we can discuss the price per email.

  6. RV

    Joep did a phenomenal job and successfully fixed my JPEGs pics within 24 hours. I tried other downloads w no success. Should have found him sooner.

  7. Luan poshka

    Hey Joep, sent acouple of files over for ya this is my first time trying to recover some of these ans just wanted to make sure the came thru on your end thanks man!

    1. Joep Post author


      The files only contain zeros and I suspect you have a fake memory card there.

      A fake memory card only contains a fraction of advertised memory. So for example an 8 GB card is advertised as 64 GB. While writing files to the first 8 GB all is well. As soon as files are written beyond that, the hacked card firmware reports to the camera files were successfully written while in reality there is no memory cells to write them to. So the fact that it is a fake card is only discovered when actually trying to access the files.

      Since file system structures are typically towards the start of the drive, it even looks normal when viewing the card in Windows explorer. Again when trying to access the files, due to the hacked firmware no errors are reported when accessing the files or copying them: card firmware reports read success to windows. However since the actual data isn’t there, the file is typically filled with zeros.

  8. Varun Jain

    Hi, I have around 10k files which are corrupted. I can send you some sample. if you can recover we can deal something

    1. Joep Post author

      Yes send me some so I can have a look. I’ll first need to look at them before I can tell you anything, price wise also. If it is something I can automate then we may be able to work something out. Just upload them on this page or email a few. Don’t forget to include intact reference files if your image don’t open at all.


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