Recent changes to JPEG-Repair Toolkit

By | May 20, 2019

Changes to JPEG- Repair from version 2 >

I feel quite confident in saying, that IF a file is repairable (so, contains JPEG data + we have reference header), JPEG-Repair Toolkit can help you do it. So if you need to fix corrupted photos, you may want to give it a try.

2.5.91: Most work went into GUI, program flow. Goal was to make JPEG-Repair more user friendly. Several components moved to places to where they’re needed rather than just sitting in the main screen. Magnifier now has a fixed position (no longer needed to click the mouse).


2.5.23: fixed typos, reference file dialog parses EXIF info from donor file, added no preview option to open file dialogs to prevent lockups with severely corrupted files.

JPEG-Repair now parses EXIF data from reference files.

JPEG-Repair now parses EXIF data from reference files.

Pre 2.5.23>>

  • MCU aware pseudo JPEG decoder with (decoding) error detection
  • Improved navigation through image using image view (up/down line of MCUs, up/down MCU)
  • JPEG preview in file browser
  • Resolution override settings (to fix corruption like this)
  • Patch now sort of guides you through first repairs, repair invalid markers and prompt to load repaired file
  • No longer needed to copy to folder with corrupt files and rename reference file to sample.jpg. You will be prompted to select a reference file.
  • Append option: Appends selected JPEG header to any file, so cool!
  • Error report window, fired if repair fails or encountered errors
  • RGB info added to magnifier which I find to be useful for images where it is difficult to visually match colors in different areas.
  • Changed nagging dialog in trial, less pop-ups, trial must be usable to some degree
  • Changed trial limitations in PATCH mode: Now possible to go through several iterations of file repair.

Append option is particularly powerful! Check video for an example, none of the competing tools (Stellar, HetMan, PixRecovery, Picture Doctor, JPEG Recovery Pro) is able to repair images like these. Apart from example in video several others (more interesting pictures) were fixed using this method.

These are the different stages:

  1. Basically the file is binary blob with no recognizable JPEG structures. However entropy suggests JPEG data. JPEG Header is glued to file.
  2. After JPEG header is glued to file and data was stripped from byte combinations that upset photo viewers (JPEG decoders).
  3. About 1/6th of total data in file was cut to get us at stage 3. Just tiny amount of corruption + overriding header width/height settings + cropping end of file gets us:
  4. Almost final file. Image is copied to Windows clipboard and further cropped and color corrected using PhotoDemon.

Thanks to append option we can virtually repair any JPEG, as long as it contains JPEG data and we have a suitable donor/reference file.

Various improvements and bug-fixes in PhotoHeal companion app.

  • Filename is automatically generated for images pasted from clipboard
  • Added preview in file/open save dialog
  • Fixed bug with scrollbars

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