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By | July 12, 2017

JPEG Repair software from Stellar is the one of the few JPEG recovery tools to repair corrupted or damaged photos, images and picture files, having JPEG file extension. There are a few more at which I will look in the future.

JPG files can become corrupt for a variety of reasons and are unfortunately quite common. As it is a popular and frequently used format on memory cards used for digital photography, it is typically in digital cameras and smart phones where corruption occurs. Also during transfer from these devices to a JPGs can become corrupt.

I often come across situations where files were transferred using cut & paste. Files are moved while originals are deleted in one operation. This means if you notice something wrong with the copied files, the originals are already gone. Always use copy & paste and then check the copied files. As ‘cut’ is a delete operation use undelete software to determine if you can recover the files.

File corruption vs. file system corruption

Due to powering off the camera before file system operations were completed can result in image and even file system corruption. JPEG Repair Software is useful to repair individual JPG image files. However it can’t help you with file system corruption (like a RAW file system).

Also note that this software does not undelete digital images! For recovering deleted digital photos from memory cards you can use DiskTuna DFR. To recover JPG or other image files from deletion, accidental format or file system corruption you can use iRecover (free!).

Download Demo JPEG Repair (save disabled)  Purchase JPEG Repair – $39
  • Repairs multiple JPEG files simultaneously (batch repair)
  • Extracts Thumbnails of the JPEG file
  • Repairs corrupt header, JPEG File Data, invalid JPEG file structure etc.
  • Shows preview of corrupt or damaged jpeg files
  • Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP
Select corrupt JPG files Batch process corrupt jpg files repaired files report preview repaired jpeg files

Tips for dealing with memory card corruption

  • Do NOT run Check Disk (Chkdsk)! Running chkdsk is often given advice in case of file or file system corruption. Also, Windows itself may prompt you to run in the built-in repair tool if file system damage is detected. Although chkdsk might be successful in repairing the file system, if it is not it makes matters more complicated.
  • To recover deleted files or files from a corrupt or formatted card, the software needs direct access to it. Some camera’s when connected to the PC provide this access: In Explorer the camera is assigned a drive letter. If it’s not assigned a drive letter, look for something like ‘Enable USB storage mode’ or similar in the camera settings.
  • Easiest way to obtain direct access to a memory card is probably by using a card reader. More details here. A card reader is also recommended in case the card shows signs of bad sectors.

JpegDigger – extract JPEG from corrupt RAW files (.NEF, .CR2 etc.)

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  1. rafael lopez

    i just downloaded your program and it did not help me for my files which read corrupted.

    do you have any other program that can help me…


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