ReclaiMe User Testimonials

By | May 17, 2017

Real world user reviews for ReclaiMe File Recovery Software

“Keep ReclaiMe close by. Very handy in uncertain times like these.”
“I’ve never heard of this program and was just looking at their site, definitely something to have on hand, thank you!”

See the full story – AnandTech forums.

“So i gave up on r studio and bought the software from reclaime. This actually gave me previews and I have succesfully recoverd my files !!!

See the full story – TechSupport Forum.

“Installed and with a few simple steps and a lot of time i was recoving my data. Selected/mounted my 4 disk images and click start. About 1.5 days later, the scan was completed and i saw a complete folder structure and files. I was able to preview files and restore my data. FYI – restoring take the longest time, but when you have your data back…. who cares!!!”

See the full story – Seagate Community Forums.

“For windows I found ReclaiMe that manage to scan the partition and find all my files but it costs money to recover the files”

See the full story – Synology Inc. Online Community Forum.

“Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I ended up paying the $80 for a program called ReclaiMe that recovered all of my files (only took a few hours) and dumped to an external hard drive (only another 14 hours).”

See the full story – Spyderco.

“…and I was able to recover and copy all of the files to a new drive. Very user friendly and almost hands free operation.”

See the full story – Tom’s Hardware.

“Finally a PROPERLY thought out and highly functional Data Recovery utility that an IT Support company can use in one consolidated environment rather than having many different machines to recover from different types of devices and formats!”

See the full story – Softpedia.

“This program was really easy to use and brought me a lot of files. I wish I had found it before wasting my time with other data recovery tools – I spent two days trying to make Recuva work.┬áBefore using this application I downloaded Recuva which is free and therefore highly recommended everywhere. That turned out to be a complete waste of time, the program was useless and I lost 2 days trying to make it work. I then downloaded ReclaiMe and it managed to extract most of my lost data in minutes! Wonderful software!

See the full story – Softpedia.

“…got the data back by running a program called ReclaiME. cost me some $$, but it was worth it.”

See the full story – Server Elements Forum.

“I finally used the ReclaiMe recovery software and was able to pull virtually everything and anything I wanted off the damaged Raid 0 without a single corrupted file. I was most pleased!…”

See the full story – Social Technet Microsoft.

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