The excellent VOPT defrag. Free license!

By | January 27, 2017

In accordance with Barry’s (Howard Barry Emerson) wish, Vopt is his bequest to Windows PC users”.

Vopt Defrag

VOPT Defrag (pronounce vee-opt) is one of the oldest still around disk defrag programs. It originally ran under MS-DOS.

Although I like VOPT a lot, that didn’t keep me from writing own defrag utility. Some of the features for that were borrowed from VOPT, for example the ability to create desktop shortcuts to defrag jobs.

Anyway, VOPT is ultra fast and efficient. It is safe as for actual file moves it relies on the proven and reliable Windows defrag API.

VOPT defrag Free










Apart from defragmentation it offers a bunch of additional features such as disk clean-up, a simple SMART status check and even some network related tools.

Although I consider some of those less than essential for a disk optimizer, VOPT doesn’t feel bloated.

This version works in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Supported file systems are FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. Versions for previous versions of Windows were also available from the VOPT website, but unfortunately this website is no longer up.

Download VOPT here: Download Link Vopt 9

Vopt License Key. 

Create a text file in the root of the VOPT installation folder and name it “Vopt9reg.txt”. Copy/paste the following into the text file and save.


2 thoughts on “The excellent VOPT defrag. Free license!

  1. Joep Post author

    Well, remember I am not the author of VOPT. Anyway, even if I only:

    Copy the above text [Keys] …. Value=1 and run Vopt at the same time, it automatically parses the license text from the clipboard > creates the file > prompts me to restart Vopt.

  2. Larry

    Put this text file in directory with program nd that didn’t do it. Since it’s not a .reg file, I didn’t try REGEDIT on it. What next?


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