DiskTuna Free Defrag and Optimization

“When you want to defragment your hard drive, you can either use the built-in Windows utility or download a more complex application, but few of them strike the right balance between functionality and ease of use.” – Softpedia

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Version 1.2.3 | 1.07 MB | 23 Jul 2016

“Disk defragmentation is the process of consolidating fragmented data on a volume (such as a hard disk or a storage device) so it will work more efficiently. Fragmentation happens to a volume over time as you save, change, or delete files. The changes that you save to a file are often stored in a different place on the volume than the original file. This doesn’t change where the file appears in Windows—only where the bits of information that make up the file are stored on the actual volume. Over time, both the file and the volume itself become fragmented, and your computer slows down as it has to look in different places to open a single file.” – Source: Microsoft.

Free Defrag Software?!

DiskTuna - The tiny unobtrusive free defrag

DiskTuna (formerly DiskTune from DIY DataRecovery.nl) is a tiny and free disk defragmentation and optimization software, that will only run when you want it to. DiskTuna does not install background services or other crapware that slows the system down.

It only runs on-demand.  However, to make maintaining your hard disk using DiskTuna as accessible as possible, it can be used from a drive’s context menu. Also, you can create one-click shortcuts to jobs.

Click a job shortcut to for example have DiskTuna defrag a disk quietly in the background.

One click defrag and disk optimization

One click defrag shortcuts

create shortcut

Create a de-fragmentation shortcut

DiskTuna features:

  • Defragmentation: Moves fragmented files in to contiguous regions.
  • Optimization: Moves frequently accessed files into the fastest region of the hard disk. Optimization also defrags fragmented files, and packs files together. Run every few months only. Improves Windows startup times.
  • Compact: Packs files together to prevent fragmentation from occurring.
  • Explorer integration: Defrag drive or folder by right clicking it in Explorer.
  • VSS safe-mode: does not cause excessive growth and deletion of shadow copies.
  • Create shortcuts, single click jobs.
  • Disk temperature monitor, pauses when disk temp gets too high.
  • Checks volume state before defragging.
  • Safe: Uses Windows defrag API for actual file moves.
  • DiskTuna can also defrag/move the MFT

DiskTuna Quick Start.

disk temp too high

Disk temp too high. Just wait …

DiskTuna is capable of moving and defragmenting the MFT online.

DiskTuna defragmentation software award DiskTuna has been reviewed by Frederick Barton on 05 Jul 2016. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated DiskTuna 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential

Although the usefulness of disk defragmentation is open to debate, the author of the software, Joep van Steen, is an old fashioned guy that does believe that maintaining a hard drive is required to make a computer run as smoothly as possible. At the same time he was unhappy with defragmentation software available. It is intrusive, installing background services and slowing the system down. Or just too limited by only offering a defrag mode.

In his spare time he created DiskTune which was well received. Due to time constraints DiskTune wasn’t maintained for years. DiskTune is now back as DiskTuna and takes off where DiskTune left.

DiskTuna was discussed on the American version of “The Office”: “Beer me that disc, Tuna”, but unfortunately they got the spelling wrong.