List of ransomware decryption tools

By | May 25, 2017

list of decryption toolsAs a result of my ransomware research I’m now following a bunch of ‘tweeters’ that work in the field of cyber security. One tweet pointed me at this list of ransomware decryption tools. Seen this list is a big mess, I cleaned it up and make it available here.

In the first column the name of the ransomware. Column 2 tells if the solution is a key for decryption or a script or tool for you to run. 3rd column is the name of the party making the solution available and download URL in one. Hope it helps some one some day.

how to protect against ransomware

Can I recover files from ransomware

There are 3 methods for recovery. If no decryption is available then method 2 and 3 remain:

  • Method 1: Check if a decryption utility is available.
  • Method 2: Check if Shadow Copies (Previous Versions) survived the attack. There are utilities available that make this easier. If Shadow copies are available and are not targeted by ransomware there may 100% chance to recover files.
  • Method 3: Try Undelete or File Recovery Software. Chances are rather poor, on average 30% of pre-encrypted files can be recovered.

Chances for file recovery from ransomware


Ransomware Key, Script, or Tool Download URL
777 Tool Emsisoft
Agent iih Tool Kaspersky
Alpha Script PhishLabs
Al-Namrood Tool Emsisoft
Apocalypse Tool Emsisoft
ApocalypseVM Tool Emsisoft
Aura Tool Kaspersky
AutoIt Tool Kaspersky
Autolocky Tool Emsisoft
BadBlock Tool AVG
Bart Tool AVG
Bitman Tool Kaspersky
Chimera Tool Kaspersky
CoinVault Tool Nomoransom
Cryakl Tool Kaspersky
Crybola Tool Kaspersky
CrypBoss Tool Emsisoft
Crypt38 Key Look in your %Appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\request.bin directory
Crypt888 Tool AVG
CryptInfinite Tool Emsisoft
CryptoDefense Tool Emsisoft
Cryptokluchen Tool Kaspersky
CryptXXX Tool Kaspersky
CryptXXX v2 Tool Kaspersky
DeCrypt Tool Emsisoft
DecryptorMax Tool Emsisoft
Democry Tool Kaspersky
DMALocker2 Tool Emsisoft
Fabiansomware Tool Emsisoft
FenixLocker Tool Emsisoft
Fury Tool Kaspersky
Globe Tool Emsisoft
Globe2 Tool TechForum
Gomasom Tool Emsisoft
Harasom Tool Emsisoft
HydraCrypt Tool Emsisoft
Jigsaw Tool MalwareHunterTeam
KeyBTC Tool Emsisoft
Lamer Tool Kaspersky
LeChiffre Tool Emsisoft
LECHIFFRE Tool TrendMicro
Legion Tool AVG
Linux Encoder 1 Tool BitDefender
Locker Key Poka BrightMinds
Lortok Tool Kaspersky
MirCop Tool TrendMicro
Nemucod Tool Emsisoft
NoobCrypt Key Jakub Kroustek,ZdZ8EcvP95ki6NWR2j or lsakhBVLIKAHg
Operation Global III Tool Nathan Scott
PCLock Tool Emsisoft
Peyta Tool Leostone
Philadelphia Tool Emsisoft
Pletor Tool Kaspersky
Radamant Tool Emsisoft
Rakhni Tool Kaspersky
Rannoh Tool Kaspersky
Rotor Tool Kaspersky
Shade Tool Intel
SNSLocker Tool TrendMicro
Stampado Tool TrendMicro
SZFlocker Tool AVG
TeslaCrypt Tool Cisco
TorLocker Tool Kaspersky
UmbreCrypt Tool Emsisoft
WildFire Tool Intel
XORBAT Tool TrendMicro
Xorist Tool Emsisoft

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