Professionals use ReclaiMe to recover NAS data

By | September 8, 2017

A 5 star review from an IT pro is always good news. The fact that the reviewer compared ReclaiMe Ultimate to competing products  even adds value.

Better than the rest, easier than the rest

“I have tried with many other Data recovery software such as UFS Explorer, DiskInternals, Captain Nemo, none of them mange to detect XFS file system on the NAS drive.”

Using ReclaiMe he successfully recovered all files from the NAS.

ReclaiMe is very powerful data recovery software to recover NAS data. But there are others that are very good too. The reviewer mentions something else very important. Something that made me fall for ReclaiMe:

“With simple UI even none technical person can use the software with ease.”

It’s exactly this combination of ease of use and power that makes ReclaiMe unique. ReclaiMe can compete with ‘professional grade’ tools such as UFS Explorer, Runtime’s products and R-Studio. At the same time it’s much easier to use.

Everything on board to recover NAS data. And More ..

To recover NAS data ReclaiMe Ultimate has everything on board. You do not need a separate tool like Runtime’s “NAS Data Recovery”. And it it as easy as recovering data from a single disk. In most cases, ReclaiMe will automatically detect the disk set as a Linux MD RAID set. When you scan it it will typically start showing your data within minutes (let it scan for 3% or 4%).

Bestanden herstellen van NAS schijven

Whether you’re a IT professional or a home user, looking to recover NAS data or anything else, do yourself a favor and put ReclaiMe on the top of your list.



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