iRecover Free Data Recovery explained

By | December 14, 2016

Use iRecover for free data recovery. The free iRecover download actually allows you to recover data without registering the software. Unlike other free data recovery software there is no limitations in file size or amount of data you can recover. When trying data recovery software, the ability to recover large files is actually something that you do want to test. If needed you can recover thousands of files with the free version.

This doesn’t mean there are no limitations at all, of course we do want people to register the software.

Recovering your data for free

There are no limitations concerning the type of media you can recover data from. Any device that is seen in Windows disk management is available for data recovery. Any medium that we advertise you can recover data from, you can also using the free version: Memory cards, USB disks, hard drives and even NAS and RAID sets.

Also, there are no limitations with regards to the type of files you can recover.

Image Recovery is completely free

If you need to recover deleted or lost digital photos you can use the completely functional Image Recovery mode in the free download. The image recovery mode uses the file carving technique to detect files. Drawback of this method is that the directory structure and original file names ate lost.

However, you can also use the ‘Data Recovery for Windows and Linux’ mode! Using this mode file names and directory structure are recovered. Functional limitations in the free version do not hamper image recovery from memory cards. Due to the fact that most camera’s and smart phones store images inside one directory (typically called ‘DCIM’ or ‘Camera’), the 4 folder limit is of no concern. Even if you have thousands of files to recover.

Free Data Recovery for Windows and Linux

The mode Data Recovery for Windows and Linux is used to recover data from fixed and removable hard disks, Windows Software RAID (Dynamic Disks) and Linux Software RAID as it is commonly found in NAS devices.

Note that iRecover needs access to the individual NAS disks!

With the free version of iRecover you can scan your disks, and recover up to 4 individual directories. iRecover does not care about the amount of files, file sizes or file types in the folders of choice. You can run iRecover again, and recover the next 4 folders.

However, you can not load save files using the free version of iRecover.

Free RAID Recovery

Also, in the RAID Recovery mode you can recover as much files as you want, as long as they are inside the 4 selected folders.  Also you can not load save files, so you need to scan the array again to recover the next 4 folders.

Still, assume you have all your documents in one or two folders on your crashed NAS, then you can use the free and unregistered version of iRecover to save all your files.

Free iRecover Trial Options

  • Recover as many files as you want
  • Save files from any of the file systems iRecover supports: FAT, NTFS, EXT and XFS
  • Get data back from any supported device including hard disks, memory cards, RAID or NAS
  • Recover files regardless file size or file type
  • Digital Image Recovery is completely free

The free version however does not load ‘save files’ and the amount of folders you can select is four.

In summary, the goal of the iRecover free trial is to allow you to have a real and honest test drive. Limiting the amount of files or setting file size limitations can hamper your tests. Competing vendors like Easeus offer free versions as well but opt for different limitations. The total amount of data you can save using the free version of Data Recovery Wizard is 2 GB.

Download iRecover here.

iRecover can be purchased from DIY ($59) or here with a 25% discount (opens new windows to secured site).

If you decide to register iRecover, you can enter your serial number without having to scan the disk again.




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  1. Thomas GRenga

    I need to reactivate my irecover I downloaded the latest ver 6.21 and my keys do not work. I am willing to pay for a new license but the links are all bad.


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