HD Sentinel Beta 5.01.5 adds NVMe SSD status support

By | June 24, 2017

Just a quick heads up, beta for HD Sentinel 5.01.5  is available here:

– detection of NVMe SSD status when Intel chipset RAID controller driver installed:
detect complete status of standalone NVMe SSDs and NVMe SSDs configured as RAID (Intel Z270 chipset)
– added detection of complete disk status when ASMEDIA ASM1352R external USB RAID controller used:
detection of complete status when RAID 0 / RAID 1 / LARGE / JBOD confiuration used
– added support of RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-RD2253-U31, Oyen Digital Minipro RAID USB 3.1 enclosure
– improved NVMe SSD status detection under Windows 7, added support of Plextor M8PeY NVMe SSD
– improved Intel chipset SATA RAID detection
– improved detection of disk status information with newer HP Smart Array controllers, drivers and HP servers
– improved health display of newer Kingston SSDs, SK Hynix SC311 SSD
– improved power on time count display of Toshiba hard disk drives

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro beta version 5.01.3:


– display TRIM status in addition to complete health / temperature / status for NVMe / M.2 SSDs
– detection and reporting new ATA standards and new ATA / Serial ATA features on Information page:
Device sleep (DevSleep), Service interrupt, Device encrypts all data, IDLE IMMEDIATE,
Nominal form factor, NCQ Streaming and autosense, Rebuild assist, Hybrid information
– improved compatibility with 4Kn (native 4K sector size) Enterprise hard disk drives
– improved compatibility with Marvell 91xx, 92xx controllers in standalone and RAID mode
– improved compatibility with LSI MegaRAID 8208 controller
– improved support of new Intel SSDs
– improved compatibility with some pendrives, memory card readers
– improved Polish language support and HTML report character encoding (thanks for Pawel)
– improved WMI support: no unwanted events in WMI activity log
– option to keep last NN archives during backup: increased to keep up to 1000 archives
– fixed problem when disk(s) selected to be displayed when they are offline and their data files removed



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