HD Sentinel Beta 5.01.5 adds NVMe SSD status support

By | June 24, 2017

Just a quick heads up, beta for HD Sentinel 5.01.5  is available here:

– detection of NVMe SSD status when Intel chipset RAID controller driver installed:
detect complete status of standalone NVMe SSDs and NVMe SSDs configured as RAID (Intel Z270 chipset)
– added detection of complete disk status when ASMEDIA ASM1352R external USB RAID controller used:
detection of complete status when RAID 0 / RAID 1 / LARGE / JBOD confiuration used
– added support of RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-RD2253-U31, Oyen Digital Minipro RAID USB 3.1 enclosure
– improved NVMe SSD status detection under Windows 7, added support of Plextor M8PeY NVMe SSD
– improved Intel chipset SATA RAID detection
– improved detection of disk status information with newer HP Smart Array controllers, drivers and HP servers
– improved health display of newer Kingston SSDs, SK Hynix SC311 SSD
– improved power on time count display of Toshiba hard disk drives

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro beta version 5.01.3:


– display TRIM status in addition to complete health / temperature / status for NVMe / M.2 SSDs
– detection and reporting new ATA standards and new ATA / Serial ATA features on Information page:
Device sleep (DevSleep), Service interrupt, Device encrypts all data, IDLE IMMEDIATE,
Nominal form factor, NCQ Streaming and autosense, Rebuild assist, Hybrid information
– improved compatibility with 4Kn (native 4K sector size) Enterprise hard disk drives
– improved compatibility with Marvell 91xx, 92xx controllers in standalone and RAID mode
– improved compatibility with LSI MegaRAID 8208 controller
– improved support of new Intel SSDs
– improved compatibility with some pendrives, memory card readers
– improved Polish language support and HTML report character encoding (thanks for Pawel)
– improved WMI support: no unwanted events in WMI activity log
– option to keep last NN archives during backup: increased to keep up to 1000 archives
– fixed problem when disk(s) selected to be displayed when they are offline and their data files removed



One thought on “HD Sentinel Beta 5.01.5 adds NVMe SSD status support

  1. Exodus Kodi

    I was waiting for NVMe SSD status support on HD Sentinel Beta 5.01.5. Thanks for adding it and now I can explore it more.


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