Data Recovery Lab Success Rates. Are they worth anything?

By | May 5, 2021

What a data recovery lab claims ..

Let’s look at the claim that Seagate makes for it’s data recovery services:

Data Recovery Success Rates are worth?

Source:, I took above screenshot at May 2021. 90% success rate, I call that pretty impressive.

And what a data recovery lab actually recovers ..

Then I read this interview with the manager of Seagate Data Recovery Services in Amsterdam, they’re right next to Schiphol airport. I took screenshot from the article in May 2021:

Seagate Data Recovery Services Amsterdam

Google translation of above text (a bit clumsy):

“We simply do not start 20% of what we receive, because we can already visually determine that the data on the disks has been irretrievably lost,” says Melvin Plak. “From the remaining 80% we can still achieve a success rate of 90 % submit”

Are two different things ..

So, paraphrasing, they dismiss 20% immediately. Then of the remaining 80% they successfully recover 90%. So from each 100 drives they successfully recover 72. Then it seems to me the success rate is 72%.

Now it may look like I am trying to make look Seagate bad, but I suspect many labs are this creative with their numbers. This just happens to be an example I stumbled onto. And FWIW I don’t see the need for these flattered claims as I think a 72% success rate is still quite impressive!

I think you should take all numbers that data recovery labs claim with a grain of salt.


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