Wondershare, Stellar photo repair tools, scams or ..

By | November 16, 2021


YouTube videos and ‘honey-pot’ articles on Stellar and Wondershare website addressing the issue of grey blocks in, or half grey photos.


stellar repair for photo half grey jpeg reoair

In the video we watch the miracle happen, and a few clicks later the files are repaired. Well, let me tell you, that I have tried the same with numerous files and it never managed to repair those. I think the video is a tribute to pretty good video editing skills. The video is not produced by Stellar itself but by a channel called ‘abasoft’.

But, Stellar and also Wondershare have articles on their websites that at least suggest their photo repair products can repair half grey photos.


And for some reason the text on the Wondershare website shows some similarity to that on the Stellar website…


In this video I check out the claims. Spoiler alert: No these tools can not repair half grey photos.

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