Defrag and SSD hard disks and VSS and more

By | June 25, 2016

Quite a bit has changed since the inception of DiskTune, for example SSD harddisks are now widely available. Consensus is that defragging a SSD hard disk is unnecessary and even undesired [1]? Hmm, interesting read.

Anyway, it would be a good idea for DiskTuna to determine if a volume resides on a conventional hard disk or a SSD hard disk.

Something else I am pondering on is this: It appears to me that VSS is enabled by default in Windows 10. I can’t find good info on this, but looking at the Windows 10 PCs here, they all have VSS running and creating restore points. And I didn’t select or enable that anywhere so I assume it’s default behavior. So. I guess it makes sense to enable the ‘VSS safe mode’ option in DiskTuna by default as well…

Also. DiskTuna displays the temperature for the disk on which the volume resides that is being defragged. I ‘use’ SMART for that. So it is easy to add some code to DiskTuna that checks if the disk is OK according to SMART.

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