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Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free

Search Google for ‘free data recovery software’ and chances are that you will run into ‘Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free’. Why? The answer is two-fold. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is a fairly good product. It is one of the few that passes our ‘data recovery from an unknown disk‘ test (see below block). Also, it… Read More »

FAT or NTFS partition shows as RAW – Repair a RAW disk

There are two ways to tackle the problem of a RAW partition: Extract data (file recovery) or repair the partition. Repairing a RAW partition is only possible in a limited number of cases using tools like DiskPatch. Safest approach is always to use file recovery software to copy data to another disk.

Formatierte Daten retten

Formatierte Daten retten. Wichtige Daten werden nach dem Formatieren verloren? Ist es möglich, Daten nach Formatierung wiederherzustellen? Although version 3 is quite old, the basic process is the same for current versions of iRecover. These videos may be a nice guide for German speaking users. If you need support you can reach me at DIYDataRecovery.nl or you can… Read More »

DIY Data Recovery from unknown disk … (3)

DIY Data recovery software tested against an unallocated and un-initialized hard disk. This is a continuation of a series, previous articles are here and here. Background info and a more detailed analysis of the contents of the hard disk is here. Disk Drill I guess you can call this software good looking, it’s a matter… Read More »

Data Recovery from unknown disk – background

In these articles, here, here and here, I test various diy data recovery software against an old disk I dug up. In this article I will dig a little deeper into this so we can analyze what’s the trouble with this disk. This article will get a bit technical but it follows very simple logic, so give… Read More »

Data Recovery from unknown disk …

Data Recovery Software reviewed: iRecover, Recover My Files, Data Recovery Wizard and Wondershare Data Recovery. So … Found one of my old hard disks today and decided to see what’s on it. It appears empty. As soon as Windows sees the disk it prompts me initialize the disk. Disk Management shows the disk as unallocated.… Read More »