Everything you always wanted to ask a data recovery pro but were afraid to.

By | December 19, 2020

This post is just a quick pointer to a new Reddit sub created by several data recovery professionals; r/AskADataRecoveryPro. Reddit is an internet discussion / social media platform where all kinds of topics are discussed. These topics are in separate ‘sub-reddits’. Anyone can easily create a sub-reddit. People who post on Reddit are referred to as ‘reditors’.

For some ‘data recovery’ is still some form of black art that is hugely expensive, secretive and costing thousands of Dollars by definition. Many people do not have a clue what is and what isn’t possible when it comes to data recovery. Some over estimate and assume data can be recovered using microscopes to read individual bits from a hard drive platter. Some under estimate and think their chirping drive is broken to a degree where no one can recover the data.


The r/AskADataRecoveryPro sub-reddit is maintained by people who earn a living by recovering data. We strive to be as open and honest as possible. If we think you stand a chance DIY-ing we will say so. In fact we point to several data recovery software tools you can use and that we consider trustworthy and good. The sub is not a honey-pot for us to attract business. For us, data recovery is a job driven by passion. Yes, we need to make a living and we’re not trying to hide that, but helping people out is our main motivation.

If we however feel you’re taking a huge risk by trying to recover the data yourself we will say so too. If we can we will provide you with ball-park figures with regards to chances of success and costs. We can refer you to labs in your area that we know to be trust-worthy and affordable. In general we will refer to independent labs that can perform most recoveries in-house. Labs that have all the tools and equipment that are industry standard and used by virtually every data recovery lab in the industry.

Ask us anything

You can discuss a specific issue at hand, ask how to best tackle it. If it is something you can do yourself, or maybe better not. But more general questions, if you want to learn more about the industry are okay too. What tools we use, where we get them from, feel free to ask.

If you have something to contribute, you’re welcome too. If you have a tool, tip, or procedure that may be of help to others, share it. But we do not allow spam.

Hope to welcome you at https://www.reddit.com/r/AskADataRecoveryPro/ one of these days!

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