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DiskTuna projects and software

Disk defragger and optimizer (Free!): 

DiskTuna in action: de-fragmenting a drive

DiskTuna is a tiny and free disk defragmentation and optimization software. It will only run when you want it to. It does not install background services or other crap-ware that slows the system down.

To make maintaining your hard disk using DiskTuna as accessible as possible, it can be used from a drive’s context menu or you can use a shortcut. DiskTuna offers an easy way to create shortcuts which will allow you run jobs using just one click. More about DiskTuna …

Deleted File Recovery (Fully functional shareware, only $6.95): 

DiskTuna Deleted File Recovery - Right click directory tree to copy select directory

Portable file ‘undeleter’ with support for FAT, FAT32 and NTFS. Every one should have an undeleter at hand. Because you don’t plan accidents. If you need to recover a deleted file, the sooner you do it, the better chance you have. DiskTuna DFR (Deleted File Recovery) is fully functional shareware! So you pay only after you have recovered your deleted files. More about DiskTuna DFR – Deleted File Recovery…

Tip: Download DiskTuna DFR now, and keep it on a USB key. Because you never know when you will need it.

Ongoing Projects / Work in progress

A quick summary of what I am working on… I will create some project pages so I can report progress.

A JPEG Diagnostic and JPEG Photo Repair Tool.

People seem to misunderstand sometimes what the iRecover Image Recovery mode does.
It scans for lost files. However it does not repair corrupt files. I get a lot of questions about this. Also, it is not uncommon for digital image and photo recovery tools to produce corrupt images.JPEG CHECK TOOL

I am currently studying JPEG internal structures and I want to come up with something that checks the structural integrity of a JPEG. And by looking at the JPEG internal structures it should be able to tell if a digital photo is recoverable, or not. Think of it as a chkdsk for .JPG files.

Also, just like DiskPatch can figure out disk structures and sometimes repair a disk, I want to be able to repair structural damage in corrupt JPEG images. Example JPEG Repair 1. Example JPEG Repair 2.

A corrupt JPEG file

A corrupt JPEG file

JPEG repair bad sector damage

Damage due to bad sector

Data Recovery Software Reviews.

Because I find that most reviews you’ll find on the web are a waste of time. They are either fake (submitted by the author of the software), anecdotical based on a single use by users, or inaccurate. With the latter I refer to reviews done by ‘professional’ reviewers on sites like TopTenReviews. I ran a series of data recovery programs against an old disk I dug up by accident. As it appeared empty I became curious what was on it. I was surprised by the number of products that weren’t able to recover meaningful data.

I aim to do a more comprehensive test review of diy data recovery tools against documented data recovery loss scenarios.

A Disk Surface Scanner / SMART Disk Diagnostic Utiltiy.

I am working on a Spinrite like disk utility that will scan a disk and monitor SMART data on the go. I may expand it into a DiskPatch like tool that is also capable of repairing boot sectors and partition tables. However it will be a Windows program, unlike DiskPatch (which runs in DOS, see DIY DataRecovery.nl for info on DiskPatch).

An Inpaint tool.

Somewhat unrelated to my core business because it’s no disk utility, I know … But like any other person with a smart phone, I take pics with it. And some times it is inevitable that there’s stuff in my picture that I don’t want there to be.

Watch the runner disappear Runner wiped from picture

An Inpaint tool removes unwanted objects from pictures (Wikepedia). At the same time it tries to ‘guess’ what is behind the object that is being removed. Of course success depends highly on the surroundings, the background of the unwanted object.

The Inpaint tool will also be part of my JPEG Repair Toolkit.

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