ReclaiMe Ultimate is ideal for PC repair shops

Reclaime File Recovery Ultimate is ideal for those offering PC Repair Services such as PC Repair shops and IT staff.

Professionals rely on ReclaiMe to recover data from NAS drives

Comprehensive and fast

ReclaiMe Ultimate is simple to use, effective while offering a wide array of features. Whether you need to recover deleted files, files on a corrupt or formatted disk, recovering them couldn’t be more simple. Even disks from a NAS can be attached to a PC and ReclaiMe will recognize them as a Linux RAID and allow recovery of files.

Really easy to use

ReclaiMe offers substantially more than for example Easeus Data Recovery Wizard, while at the same time it is so much easier to use than R-Studio, just to compare a few.

There is virtually no learning curve, and each technician should be able to use the software without requiring additional training.

Recovering data from a NAS, the easy way vs. the complicated way
Bestanden herstellen van NAS schijven


Most of the time, ReclaiMe will start displaying a directory/file structure within minutes. You can already browse, preview and start copying files. You can offer a ‘recover-while-you-wait’ service if you wanted to.

Example: Recover data from a RAW file system. Within a few minutes, the first files can are copied!

At a glance

  • Recovers all files from Windows disks (FAT, exFAT, NTFS, and ReFS).
  • Recovers all files from Apple Mac OS disks ( UFS, HFS, and HFS+).
    Note: ReclaiMe File Recovery runs on Windows PCs, not Macs. To recover a Mac disk, you need to connect it to a Windows PC first.
  • Recovers all files from Linux ext2, ext3, ext4, BTRFS and XFS filesystems.
  • Recover data from NAS
  • RAID recovery using ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery for automatic detection of RAID parameters. Once parameters are detected you can launch ReclaiMe Ultimate directly from Free RAID Recovery to process volumes on the RAID array.

Price: $199.95 ex VAT (if applicable). Reclaime File Recovery Ultimate is licensed per ‘technician’. Volume licensing is also available:

Quantity Unit price
1 – 2 $199.95
3 – 5 $179.95
6 – 9 $149.95
10 $139.95
11 $129.95
12 + $119.95

Support can be delivered in English and Dutch. More information.