will close it’s doors after many years of service. Since this happened several years ago and I am not busy with new projects I have stopped giving support for former DIY DataRecovery tools. 


End of life product. This DOS based tool struggled to support modern hardware and modern partition methods. You’re advised not to use it on hard disks > 2 TB. Due to dependence on BIOS extended int13h interrupts to access storage media it is also very slow.

And also: At the time DiskPatch was ‘conceived’, repairing hard disks was a more commonly accepted m.o.. Consensus today is that in case of data loss the patient media should not be written to at all (DiskPatch *does* write to patient disk). 

Nowadays if I need to recover partitions in place, repair boot sectors or edit disks I use DMDE


iRecover was once one of the most advanced file recovery tools available. However as DIY ceased to exist it hasn’t been further developed. For most cases I myself use DMDE.


Rather than using iUndelete you can use DiskTuna DFR (free). It is no longer actively developed, it is not worth the effort with so many free alternatives available.

JPEG Repair Service’s JPEG Repair Service was always already delivered by DiskTuna. Did you know DiskTuna also offers DIY photo repair software?