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This page contains useful information on do-it-yourself data recovery software. I have years of experience in using various data recovery software, file systems and developing data recovery software myself.

Recovering deleted files or undelete is probably the simplest form of data recovery. Our own affordable and completely functional undelete software DiskTuna DFR (Deleted File Recovery) can help you with this. More info …

As founder of I can offer iRecover at a 25% discount. More info on iRecover can be found here. Articles and blogs that iRecover is mentioned in (on this website). When purchased through this website we can do full support.

We’re now also reseller for ReclaiMe File Recovery!

More info here …

ReclaiMe Std ReclaiMe Ultimate
Recover data from Windows PCs

  • Recovers all files from Windows disks (FAT, exFAT, NTFS, and ReFS).
Recover Windows and Linux PCs, Macs, and NASes

  • Recovers all files from Windows disks (FAT, exFAT, NTFS, and ReFS).
  • Recovers all files from Apple Mac OS disks ( UFS, HFS, and HFS+).
    Note: ReclaiMe File Recovery runs on Windows PCs, not Macs. To recover a Mac disk, you need to connect it to a Windows PC first.
  • Recovers all files from Linux ext2, ext3, ext4, BTRFS and XFS filesystems.
$79.95 Secure Purchase $199.95 Secure Purchase
Download ReclaiMe
  • ReclaiMe requires a PC doing the recovery to have an Internet connection. If you do not have a connection or if this requirement is against your company policy, please do not purchase the software.
  • VAT: Prices are subject to VAT if you are in EU.
  • Unconditional 30-days money back, no questions asked.
  • ReclaiMe License Agreement

Data Recovery Software ‘in vivo’ testing.

I have ran a number of DIY DataRecovery tools against a apparently empty disk (in depth analysis of the disk here) in a number of blog posts.

Post 1 – Data Recovery from unknown Disk

  • iRecover
  • Recover my Files
  • Easeus Data Recovery Wizard
  • Wondershare Data Recovery

Post 2 – Data Recovery from unknown Disk

  • HData Recovery Software
  • Data Rescue PC 3
  • Ontrack Easy Recovery
  • Minitool Power Data Recovery
  • Tenorshare Data Recovery
  • Coolmuster Data Recovery
  • Asoftech Data Recovery

Post 3 – Data Recovery from unknown Disk

  • Disk Drill

I will continue updating these series so check back often! Based on results so far, these are highly recommended (please use these links to purchase and to support further testing, thanks!):

DIY DataRecovery iRecover award 5 tunas
iRecover is a simple to use and complete solution for digital image recovery, disk, NAS and RAID recovery. Wizard style interface, advanced options available for experienced users. Supported file systems are FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2/3/4 and XFS. Available from this site with 25% discount.

  • What sets iRecover apart from the other two tools is the ability to perform NAS and RAID recovery.

Buy Now

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard award 5 tunas
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard makes even urgent recovery work as easy as just a few clicks away. No prior recovery experience needed. Supported file systems are FAT, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, EXT2/3, HFS+.

  • This tool is probably best suited for quickly recovering deleted files, compared to the other two programs.

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Minitool Power Data Recovery award 5 tunas
MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best all in one data recovery software for Windows and server users. With only three-step, users could recover lost, deleted, formatted, corrupt files safely and with ease.. Supported file systems are FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and ISO9660, Joliet, UDF File system.

  • This tool is the only tool of the three that is able to recover files from CD and DVD.

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Playing safe, playing SMART

You should never attempt data recovery yourself on a disk that is about to die. Since it is very hard to determine the actual physical state of a disk there is *always* a certain risk when attempting to recover your data.

Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology – or S.M.A.R.T. for short can he be a useful aid in determining the disk health.

Also, SMART can help prevent data loss altogether as it may give you an in advance warning about imminent data loss. Read More …

RAW vs File System based Recovery

A frequently asked question we get and that I see often mentioned in various forums and online support communities is about file recovery with full filenames and directory structure. To answer this you need to understand the difference between RAW recovery or file carving and file system recovery. This article explains.

Digital Image Recovery

Although recovery of digital images is no different from recovery of any other file types from a data recovery perspective, there are many tools available that specifically address the retrieval of lost photos. Also, these tools are meant to be used on memory cards only.

If you need to buy such a tool, consider purchasing generic data recovery software instead: Price-wise specialized image recovery software is as expensive as generic tools.

DIY DataRecovery iRecover is a generic data recovery program. Also it offers a free digital image recovery mode!

Added a unformat guide for ReclaiMe in English and Dutch. I will be reorganizing this page soon.

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