List of JPEG Markers

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Hex Marker Marker Name Description
0x FFC0 SOF0 Start of Frame 0 Baseline DCT
0x FFC1 SOF1 Start of Frame 1 Extended Sequential DCT
0x FFC2 SOF2 Start of Frame 2 Progressive DCT
0x FFC3 SOF3 Start of Frame 3 Lossless (sequential)
0x FFC4 DHT Define Huffman Table
0x FFC5 SOF5 Start of Frame 5 Differential sequential DCT
0x FFC6 SOF6 Start of Frame 6 Differential progressive DCT
0x FFC7 SOF7 Start of Frame 7 Differential lossless (sequential)
0x FFC8 JPG JPEG Extensions
0x FFC9 SOF9 Start of Frame 9 Extended sequential DCT, Arithmetic coding
0x FFCA SOF10 Start of Frame 10 Progressive DCT, Arithmetic coding
0x FFCB SOF11 Start of Frame 11 Lossless (sequential), Arithmetic coding
0x FFCC DAC Define Arithmetic Coding
0x FFCD SOF13 Start of Frame 13 Differential sequential DCT, Arithmetic coding
0x FFCE SOF14 Start of Frame 14 Differential progressive DCT, Arithmetic coding
0x FFCF SOF15 Start of Frame 15 Differential lossless (sequential), Arithmetic coding
0x FFD0 RST0 Restart Marker 0
0x FFD1 RST1 Restart Marker 1
0x FFD2 RST2 Restart Marker 2
0x FFD3 RST3 Restart Marker 3
0x FFD4 RST4 Restart Marker 4
0x FFD5 RST5 Restart Marker 5
0x FFD6 RST6 Restart Marker 6
0x FFD7 RST7 Restart Marker 7
0x FFD8 SOI Start of Image
0x FFD9 EOI End of Image
0x FFDA SOS Start of Scan
0x FFDB DQT Define Quantization Table
0x FFDC DNL Define Number of Lines (Not common)
0x FFDD DRI Define Restart Interval
0x FFDE DHP Define Hierarchical Progression (Not common)
0x FFDF EXP Expand Reference Component (Not common)
0x FFE0 APP0 Application Segment 0 JFIF – JFIF JPEG image
AVI1 – Motion JPEG (MJPG)
0x FFE1 APP1 Application Segment 1 EXIF Metadata, TIFF IFD format,
JPEG Thumbnail (160×120)
Adobe XMP
0x FFE2 APP2 Application Segment 2 ICC color profile,
0x FFE3 APP3 Application Segment 3 (Not common)
JPS Tag for Stereoscopic JPEG images
0x FFE4 APP4 Application Segment 4 (Not common)
0x FFE5 APP5 Application Segment 5 (Not common)
0x FFE6 APP6 Application Segment 6 (Not common)
NITF Lossles profile
0x FFE7 APP7 Application Segment 7 (Not common)
0x FFE8 APP8 Application Segment 8 (Not common)
0x FFE9 APP9 Application Segment 9 (Not common)
0x FFEA APP10 Application Segment 10
(Not common)
ActiveObject (multimedia messages / captions)
0x FFEB APP11 Application Segment 11 (Not common)
HELIOS JPEG Resources (OPI Postscript)
0x FFEC APP12 Application Segment 12 Picture Info (older digicams),
Photoshop Save for Web: Ducky
0x FFED APP13 Application Segment 13 Photoshop Save As: IRB, 8BIM, IPTC
0x FFEE APP14 Application Segment 14 (Not common)
0x FFEF APP15 Application Segment 15 (Not common)
0x FFF0 …
0x FFF6
JPG6 JPEG Extension 0 …
JPEG Extension 6
(Not common)
0x FFF7 JPG7
JPEG Extension 7
Lossless JPEG
0x FFF8 JPG8
JPEG Extension 8
JPEG-LS Extension
Lossless JPEG Extension Parameters
0x FFF9 JPG9 JPEG Extension 9 (Not common)
0x FFFA JPG10 JPEG Extension 10 (Not common)
0x FFFB JPG11 JPEG Extension 11 (Not common)
0x FFFC JPG12 JPEG Extension 12 (Not common)
0x FFFD JPG13 JPEG Extension 13 (Not common)
0x FFFE COM Comment