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As a JPEGREPAIR.NINJA I know a thing or two about repairing corrupted JPEG photos (and other formats too). After someone asked me to look into a corrupt JPEG I started researching the JPEG format and things that can be wrong with it and I haven’t stopped since. After initially only using a HEX editor and a simple photo viewer, I now use tools that I developed to repair corrupt JPEG files.

Fun fact: Did you know JPEGREPAIR.NINJA is actually a URL that you can type into the address bar of your web-browser and takes you straight this page?

JPEGREPAIR.NINJA Photo Repair Service

JPEGREPAIR.NINJA can repair digital photos for you as a service. It is as simple as sending us your photos and waiting for a quote. If the quote is acceptable you give the okay and I get to work.

I can:

  1. Repair JPEGs that can not be opened and viewed
  2. Repair distorted JPEG images

1. Repair of images that can not be opened (JPEG, RAW like NEF or CR2)

If you can’t open a JPEG photo, the JPEG header is damaged or corrupted. If this corruption is limited to the header then this can often be repaired by using a reference file that was shot with the same camera and settings.

If the photo that can not be viewed or opened is a RAW photo then I can often:

  • Repair it in original format
  • Or repair and save as TIFF
  • Or at least extract full resolution JPEG

2. Repair of distorted images

If the JPEG can be viewed but does look distorted then this is probably caused by corrupted data inside the JPEG bitstream. The JPEG bitstream contains the actual image data. Using combination in-house developed tools and third party tools I can often restore your images to a good-as-new state. People often believe that what we accomplish wasn’t even possible!

Our JPEG repair capabilities often leave people flabbergasted

Left photo as we receive it —————-> End result

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JPEGREPAIR.NINJA Photo Repair Utility


JPEGREPAIR.NINJA’s toolkit is available for you to repair corrupted JPEGs yourself. JPEG-Repair Toolkit was initially designed for in-house use only and is constantly updated to handle situations we encounter when delivering our JPEG photo repair services.

That means my JPEG-Repair Toolkit can handle about every situation causing JPEG corruption I have ever seen ‘in-the-wild’. IF a JPEG is repair-able then you should be able to do so using the JPEG-Repair Toolkit. Note that more complex repairs require effort and a bit of luck, no single click repairs are available in those cases. Specially repairs of image data may also require post processing using photo editing software.

Using JPEGREPAIR.NINJA’s JPEG Repair Toolkit you can:

  1. Repair corrupted JPEG headers using a reference file
  2. Extract JPEGs from corrupted RAW and JPEG files
  3. Patch the JPEG bitstream to repair corruption and image distortions

Repairing corrupted JPEGs and extracting JPEGs from corrupted files can be done in batch mode.

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JPEGREPAIR.NINJA’s Photo Recovery Software

Light weight – JpegDigger 

JpegDigger is a light-weight, specialistic tool that can help you recover deleted or otherwise lost photos. It was designed with memory cards in mind, but works on hard drives too. Note that your JPEG-Repair Toolkit will activate JpegDigger too, so no need to purchase JpegDigger in that case.


  • Input: JPEG & RAW – NEF (Nikon), CR2 (Canon), ORF (Olympus), RW2 (Panasonic-Lumix), ARW (Sony) and DNG (from a Leica Q2) support. Note: Should work with all TIFF based RAW photos. NEW: detects non-TIFF Canon CR3 and Fuji RAF.
  • Output: JPEG
  • Detect JPEG file corruption.
  • On the fly repair of corrupted JPEG photos.
  • Simple on the fly defrag of fragmented photos (simple gap carving).
  • FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS file system support (for parameter detection).
  • Automatic parameter scan for corrupt drives and unsupported file systems (Mac, Linux etc.).
  • Previews generated from actual image data: WYSIWYG.
  • Pass-through file saving: as it examines the file, it simultaneously saves file data, allows for hands-off operation.
  • Deepscan: Non block aligned scanning NEW
  • Reconstruct photos manually using ability to add and remove individual clusters NEW
  • Functional trial: All features work, trial saves scaled down BMP photos.

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