JPEG Repair and Recovery

DiskTuna is specialized in JPEG Repair and Recovery. We can repair and recover digital photos than no one else can.

JPEG Repair

We offer in-house repair for corrupt JPEG files. Using our own in-house developed JPEG Repair Toolkit we do the impossible. It is a no cure, no pay service. If we can not repair your files you do not pay for them either. Repairing JPEGs is a labor intensive and time consuming process, so it may take us a couple of days.

The difference between jpeg repair and recovery is that we speak of repair when we try to fix or repair already existing images. So you already have access to the files but for some reason you can not open them or they are not displayed correctly.

jpeg repair and recovery. repair of a highly corrupted JPEG file

Do you think it’s possible to repair this photo? Click to find out!


We offer a specialized Photo Recovery Tool. Some times images can not be repaired, like when for example half the image data is missing. We run into this on a regular basis: People recover their lost photos, and they come out corrupt. It is because 99 out of 100 photo recovery and file recovery programs can not handle file fragmentation on FAT32 or exFAT memory cards. We call our tool Jpeg Recovery LAB, and it can handle file fragmentation. Apart from JPEG it also supports some common RAW formats: Nikon’s .NEF and Canon’s .CR2.

You need photo recovery if your photos disappeared from your memory card or another device.

recover a fragmented photo from a memory card using JPEG Recovery LAB

This is how all other software we tried recovered this fragmented photo. Think JPEG Recovery LAB did better? Click to find out ..

JPEG Repair and Recovery

Unfortunately sometimes you will need both. Think of a case where there are bad sectors on the memory card you’re trying to recover photos from also suddenly shows signs of bad sectors. A file occupying a bad sector will miss 512 bytes of data. No recovery software I know of can account for that missing data. And I haven’t come across any repair software that can repair that either. Repairing such an image typically requires the human eye.