Repair Corrupt JPG Photos and Images

JPEG Repair Software

Some forms of corruption may be fixed by using JPEG Repair Software. Stellar Data Recovery offers software that can help you fix corrupt JPG files. A trial version is available that allows you to preview repaired files. However, to save the file, you need to purchase a license.

For more info on JPEG File Repair Software, click here.

JPEG Repair Service

We offer an in-house JPEG Repair Service. We can fix images that are not repairable by software. If you have only a few images that need repair, try software first as this will almost always be cheaper. We try to keep our service affordable, but it is a very labor intensive process even though we have developed tools to automate part of the process.

For more info on our JPEG File Repair Service, click here.

There is plenty of software available for recovering deleted or otherwise lost digital images, but it is harder to find a solution to repair corrupt JPG images.

The JPEG File Format is one of the most popular image file formats around. It’s the most common format for digital camera’s and smart phones to store digital photos and it can be viewed on a wide variety of devices, platforms (Windows, Mac, Android etc.) and software such as web browsers.

JPG offers a nice trade off between quality and size. Where quality is needed and space is available compression can be limited. If storage space is an issue heavy compression is an option although the quality will suffer.

JPEG Corruption

JPG files roughly consist of two parts:

  • Header, the beginning part of the file. This part of the file contains meta data. If damaged the file is commonly not recognized as a valid JPG file and will refuse to open at all.
  • The Image Data (compressed). If (partially) corrupt the file often can still be viewed, but is displayed incorrectly.

Hint: If a JPG file will not open with your default image viewer, try a few others as well. If corruption is minor, more forgiving image viewing or editing software may open corrupt jpg files that others will not. If you can open the file, try saving it again.

Repairing Corrupt JPG Images

Just like when dealing with data loss, for JPEG file repair you can opt for trying to use software or using a service and let an expert recover or repair the file(s).


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