JPEG-Repair Toolkit photo repair. Fix corrupted and damaged JPEG photos

JPG Repair Toolkit – Help yourself Fix and Repair corrupted JPEGs using Photo Repair Software

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Click to buy a Professional License $49.99  (ex. VAT) – If using JPEG-Repair Toolkit to provide repair services to others.

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JPEG Repair toolkit features Features:

  • Repair corrupt and damaged JPEG files
  • Fix corrupt JPEG header
  • Repair Invalid JPEG markers
  • Repair damage due to bad sectors
  • Improve corrupt JPEG image data by patching JPEG bit stream with visual feedback
  • Recover JPEG data from corrupt RAW photos such as CR2 and NEF
  • Does not re-encode JPEG image so original quality is preserved!
  • Preview of repaired file
  • Does not alter original files
  • No need to upload photos to remote servers
  • Free version shows previews + saves low resolution examples.
  • Now includes a photo heal tool to remove unwanted objects (such as grey lines caused by JPEG-Repair!
disktuna jpeg repair toolkit photo repair software for jpeg and raw

JPEG Repair Toolkit

Thanks, I just tried it out and fixed over 200 files that were sitting corrupted on my computer for close to two years (lost after I dropped my laptop). Thanks again for giving me my vacation pictures back. I will definitely recommend. – Harry Beer @ GOTD

Repair corrupted JPEG photos

Something I have been doing lately is looking into repair of corrupted JPEG photos. I have been offering a JPEG repair service for a while now. Learning from that I have created a utility that addresses most common issues with corrupted and damaged JPEG files, JPG-Repair. Currently JPEG-Repair supports following photo formats (to some degree*):

JPEG, NEF*, CR2*, CR3*, RAF*, CRW*, ORF*, ARW*, SRW*, PEF*, RW2*, DNG*, TIFF*

Repair corrupted JPEG headers

JPEG-Repair Toolkit is an easy to use alternative for replacing corrupted headers with a hex editor. JPG-Repair can repair corrupt JPEG headers using a reference or sample file. It is an easy alternative for replacing a corrupt header with an intact one using a hex editor. A typical symptom of a corrupt header is that the JPEG file can not be opened at all. Windows explorer does not show preview thumbnails and different viewers and photo editors may show different error messages.

Repair corrupted JPEG image data

Patch (edit) raw JPEG image data with visual feedback. Corrupt data in the actual JPEG image data can have many effects, ranging from an abrupt change in color or brightness, up to the image appearing to be suddenly cut-off. The latter often results in a grey block or a solid color block. Image data can also abruptly shift to the left or right causing different parts of the image to be misaligned. With help of JPEG repair it often possible to remove the bad data resulting in a dramatic improvement of the photo. Be warned that this requires patience and a bit of luck. Examples (click image to view before and after):

Fix corrupted data and invalid markers in JPEG data using JPG-Repair even repairs severely corrupted JPEGs

Recover JPEG data from corrupted RAW photos

JPEG-Repair can even get the JPEG data from RAW files (functionality previously found in JpegDigger) such as Canon CR2 and Nikon NEF files when ‘normal’ tools that are normally up to this job can not. Depending on the camera manufacturer those JPEGs are full resolution JPEG files.  Are RAW photos from you camera not supported? Send me a few samples and I’ll add support for those as quickly as possible! My aim is to support every RAW format out there!

Thank you Joep for all the support you have given users here that have given you feed back. I am a professional photographer and had a few corrupted files from years ago. Worked like a champ! Will recommend to friends. – Amanda H @ GOTD

Introduction to JPEG photo repair and using JPEG-Repair Toolkit

Most of the simpler repairs only require you to select the file(s) you need to repair and click ‘repair’.

Reference File

For repairing corrupted headers JPEG-Repair needs a ‘sample file’. The reference or sample file should be taken with the same camera as the corrupt image(s). Also, the settings (resolution, quality and orientation) of the sample file need to match the corrupt files. If unknown then you would need to experiment by taking different shots with different settings using the original camera (same brand and type).

Windows photo viewer doesn’t like this file! The result of a corrupt JPEG header.

RAW file support!

Technically JPEG-Repair Toolkit does not repair these files. Functionality is limited to extracting half or full sized JPEGs from these file types. However, JPEG-Repair is able to process RAW corrupt files while other tools able to extract JPEG from RAW often rely on the file to be intact.

Highly Recommended!!! Bought JPEG Repair earlier this afternoon. Borrowed a friend's Windows laptop instead of running Parallels in my Macbook. Recovery of 2,500+ files took less than 1 hour. 20GB+ of RAW files translated to 5GB+ of high resolution JPG files. After close to 4 years, I've finally got my pictures back. Very happy. Wouldn't have done this without Joep helping me patiently. I cannot express my appreciation enough. Thank you.

And that’s what I do it for!

I get a SmartScreen warning when running JPGRepair.exe

See this when running JPGRepair? It means I have recently updated the software and SmartScreen doesn’t recognize it yet. Click More info > Run anyway.


The idea for this tool is not original and basic concept was ‘copied’ from Wim Vanmaele’s utility repair-jpeg. I can’t find the original source for this program but it can still be found here: I read this and tried this tool which I found to be incredibly difficult to use, which is why added this functionality to JPEG-Repair:

“..During my testing, I discovered that by adding one byte at a certain position in the jpg file the corrupted picture was restored. So all we need is a tool that would add a byte at a user-defined position. JPEG-Repair, the program I wrote, will allow you to do this..”

To determine signatures I examined RAW files taken from:
And also:


If you have other issues then feel free to contact me. Send me your sample file + some corrupted files so I can examine them.

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