JPEG Repair Service pricing info

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Your confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed, and the service is performed on a secure, private computer. If necessary, I will sign any NDA or other agreements prior to recovering data. After completing image repair I will delete all your images from my PC.

This service is for existing JPEG files that are corrupt. It is not a file recovery service! If you need to recover lost or deleted files from a memory card, use JPEG Recovery LAB instead. If you want me to repair photos that were recovered using different software, I suggest you first try JPEG Recovery LAB as well.

Note: Some photos can not be repaired. Not by software, not by me, nor by anyone else. You can use the free version of my software JPG-Repair to determine this yourself. This way you can avoid having to pay me for diagnosing files that are beyond repair.

(This doesn’t mean we can’t have a chat first via email or the forum)

Service and pricing

Pricing is done by means of JPEG repair units. One Unit costs $5.95 (plus VAT if applicable – EU residents mostly). Where ‘fixed prices’ are mentioned, amount of photos is irrelevant.

  • Repair of damaged and corrupt JPEGs – 1 to 3 x JPEG Repair UNIT, per repaired photo and depends on amount of corruption.
  • Extraction of JPEG from corrupt RAW photos (NEF, CR2 etc.) – 2 x JPEG Repair UNIT, fixed price.

Based on diagnostics I determine price per photo. If you agree on price and me repairing your photo(s), price of diagnostics is subtracted. You only pay for photos that are successfully repaired. I will contact you after I have examined your photos, and what the cost per image will be. I can also explain how I decide on a price.

Item Remarks Purchase
JPEG Repair Unit  Order ONE unit in advance if you need to me examine your corrupt files. For JPEG Repair and extraction of JPEGs from corrupt RAW files, wait for me to contact you.  $5.95

Prices are ex. VAT (if applicable).

Pricing explained:

There are now 3 levels of pricing. For a relatively easy repairs the price is $5.95 per repaired photo (1 * JPEG Repair UNIT). This is mostly for corrupt header repair and light damage to the jpeg bit stream (say 1 or 2 interruptions in JPEG data stream. More patching to the data stream means I have to do more post processing as well. So the more work repairing a photo involves, the higher the cost. If you look at the example below (an example of the stuff I can fix), that took well over an hour per photo.

That being said, I am always willing to discuss price and getting the cost down as much as possible if you have a larger number of files (say 10+). I understand that $5.95 up to $17.85 (1 to 3 times price for a JPEG repair unit) is a lot of money per image, but the repair is a manual process mostly.

Pricing examples:

  1. You have one corrupt photo you want me to examine. I can repair it for the price of 1 x JPEG Repair Unit. Total cost $5.95.
  2. You have three corrupt photos you want me to examine. I can repair 2 out of 3 for the price of 1 x JPEG Repair Unit each. Total cost $11.90.
  3. You have 10 corrupt photos. All photos are beyond repair. Total cost is $0.
If only header damage, repair cost would be $1 per file, $5.95 minimum If JPEG data is interrupted by local bit corruption repair cost would be $5.95 – $11.90 per file Severely corrupted JPEG data, repair would cost 3 x JPEG repair unit = $17.85 per file
JPEG with damaged or corrupt header Bit corruption in JPEG data Severe bit corruption, multiple bit corruption in JPEG data