Repair and Recovery Service pricing info

Your confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed, and the service is performed on a secure, private computer. If necessary, I will sign any NDA or other agreements prior to recovering data. After completing image repair I will delete all your images from my PC.

Service and pricing

Pricing is done by means of JPEG repair units. One Unit costs $5 (plus VAT if applicable – EU residents mostly). Minimum order is 4 JPEG Repair Units a $5.

Based on diagnostics I determine price per photo. You only pay for photos that are successfully repaired. I will contact you after I have examined your photos, and what the cost per image will be. I can also explain how I decide on a price.

Note that this page can also be used to pay for any of the other services such as data recovery, video repair etc..

Item Remarks Purchase
JPEG Repair Unit  Order JPEG Repair Units via a secure MyCommerce server. Do not order until I have quoted you a price. $5.00

Prices are ex. VAT (if applicable).

Pricing explained:

Below are estimated prices assuming you need me to repair ONE photo. Photos in category 1 can often be repaired in batch. The higher the number of photos I repair, the lower the cost ‘per piece’. Photos that fall into Category 2 and category 3 need to repaired manually and photo-by-photo, so larger numbers may not result in lower costs per repaired photo.

Photos affected by STOP/DJVU ransomware in general fall into category 1 (so $5 per file).

If you want me to recover full resolution JPEG’s from RAW photos (CR2, NEF, ARF etc.) I charge $10 per 5 files, with a minimum order of 4 JPEG Repair Units.

Pricing examples in Units ($5 per JPEG Repair Unit, ex VAT):

Category 1. If only header damage, repair cost would be $5 per file (one jpeg repair unit) Category 2. If JPEG data is interrupted by local bit corruption repair cost would be $5 – $15 per file (2 -3 jpeg repair units) Category 3. Severely corrupted JPEG data, repair starts at 3 x JPEG repair unit = $15 per file (starts at 3 jpeg repair units)
JPEG with damaged or corrupt header Bit corruption in JPEG data Severe bit corruption, multiple bit corruption in JPEG data

In case I need to edit JPEG data, in general I charge $5 per ‘break’ in image data. In below example you can see 4 points where new corruption is introduced. Each of these breaks results in a certain amount of work where I have to remove and insert data to fix shift in image and color data. Resulting image always requires photo editing to mask damage.

What looks like category 3 corruption doesn’t always have to be though! In below example 200+ corrupted vacation/Holiday JPEG photos on a USB thumb drive. All severely corrupted, so this initially looks like a Category 3 case. However all photos (about 200) were restored to original state, not by repairing them, but by recovering them! As recovery price is based on one device rather than an individual photo, price is much lower. I offer a logical data recovery service for photo recovery from memory cards and other flash drives.