JPEG Repair Service pricing info

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Your confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed, and the service is performed on a secure, private computer. If necessary, I will sign any NDA or other agreements prior to recovering data. After completing image repair I will delete all your images from my PC.

Service and pricing

Pricing is done by means of JPEG repair units. One Unit costs $5.95 (plus VAT if applicable – EU residents mostly). Minimum order is 4 JPEG Repair Units a $5.95.

Based on diagnostics I determine price per photo. You only pay for photos that are successfully repaired. I will contact you after I have examined your photos, and what the cost per image will be. I can also explain how I decide on a price.

Item Remarks Purchase
JPEG Repair Unit  Order JPEG Repair Units via a secure MyCommerce server. Do not order until I have quoted you a price. $5.95

Prices are ex. VAT (if applicable).

Pricing explained:

Below are estimated prices assuming you need me to repair ONE photo. Photos in category 1 can often be repaired in batch. The higher the number of photos I repair, the lower the cost ‘per piece’. Photos that fall into Category 2 and category 3 need to repaired manually and photo-by-photo, so larger numbers may not result in lower costs per repaired photo.

Photos affected by STOP/DJVU ransomware in general fall into category 1 (so $5.95 per file).

If you want me to recover full resolution JPEG’s from RAW photos (CR2, NEF, ARF etc.) I charge $0.10 per file, with a minimum order of 4 JPEG Repair Units.

Pricing examples in Units ($5.95 per JPEG Repair Unit, ex VAT):

Category 1. If only header damage, repair cost would be $5.95 per file (one jpeg repair unit) Category 2. If JPEG data is interrupted by local bit corruption repair cost would be $5.95 – $17.85 per file (2 -3 jpeg repair units) Category 3. Severely corrupted JPEG data, repair starts at 3 x JPEG repair unit = $17.85 per file (starts at 3 jpeg repair units)
JPEG with damaged or corrupt header Bit corruption in JPEG data Severe bit corruption, multiple bit corruption in JPEG data

What looks like category 3 corruption doesn’t always have to be though! In below example 200+ corrupted vacation/Holiday JPEG photos on a USB thumb drive. All severely corrupted, so this initially looks like a Category 3 case. However all photos (about 200) were restored to original state for less than $100 total. Bottom line is that I actually have to examine the photos before I can estimate the price.