JPEG Recovery LAB telemetry

JPEG Recovery LAB requires an internet connection to communicate with our telemetry server, including feature usage, performance data, and crash reports. If you do not agree with this, then do not use the software.

Why the need to communicate with our server?

Think of JPEG Recovery LAB as the front end of a service. Image carving is complex. Telemetry allows us to monitor recoveries and tweak recovery algorithms as needed.

What is being communicated with our server?

  1. A number unique to the PC is sent along with data. There is no way to associate this number with a particular PC. This number is used to distinguish between an condition occurring multiple times on the same PC and the same condition occurring on multiple PCs.
  2. Performance data and crash reports do not include any data from the storage being processed. No user data is ever sent as part of the telemetry.

For example, we see the number of CPU cores and the amount installed memory. We see selected settings, like do we need to scan for JPEGs or not? We also see ‘decisions’ the software makes and conditions that preceded them. We can see how long certain stages of the recovery took. We can see how many combinations of clusters for a specific file are possible. That sort of thing.

We do not see who you are, where you are etc.. We do NOT see your photos and we have no clue what’s on them!¬†We just see text.

To get an idea what’s inside a telemetry file you create the file locally too. To do so open a Windows command prompt with admin rights. Then type commands that are bold/blue followed by pressing ENTER:

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17134.112]
(c) 2018 Microsoft Corporation. Alle rechten voorbehouden.


C:\>cd program files

C:\Program Files>cd disktuna

C:\Program Files\Disktuna>cd jpeg recovery lab

C:\Program Files\Disktuna\JPEG Recovery LAB>jpegrecoverylab/log:log.txt

JPEG Recovery LAB will run and save logfile/telemetry to log.txt.