Google Search SUCKS

By | April 8, 2019

Okay, for starters, this may be confirmation bias. Keep that in mind. Okay?

And also: Would you pay for this crap? Would you pay in order to be able to use Google Search? I would most certainly not. So they were smart enough to offer it for free. And since every body likes a free ride we now have to live with it. Would I pay as a webmaster to have my site included in their search index? Well, certainly not with the current performance and lack of service.

Observation 1. Google AI is actually quite stupid:

I make a tool called JPG-Repair Toolkit. Google’s presumed AI is too stupid to determine that JPG-Repair is closely related to JPEG REPAIR and that it is all about repairing corrupted JPEGs.

Observation 2. More Google artificial stupidity:

Google presumed AI ranks totally irrelevant results for a search like JPEG repair above my website. I don’t mind losing to excellent content. That would actually prove artificial intelligence. Current algorithm however proves Artificial stupidity.

Observation 3. Either I got more stupid, or Google did:

Either I have gotten significantly worse in coming up with correct search phrases, or Google’s AI has gotten more stupid. Fact of the matter is that search results I get from Google are worse than what I got, say 5 – 10 years ago.

Observation 4. Google search smartassery:

When I enter a search phrase I am sort of okay with Google suggesting ‘did you mean ..’, or ‘other people also searched for ..’. Sort of okay. It doesn’t make me happy though. Lately I notice Google takes smartassery to the next level en simply replaces my search phrase. Modifies it. But it still kindly offers me to search for what I actually typed in. So kind. If anyone in real life would do this, you’d slap them. That is how annoying this is.

Observation 5. Smart snippets are useless and annoying:

I have never seen a smart snippet that in itself was a sufficient answer. So, despite the snippet I need to access the actual page the snippet is referring to anyway. So, IMO utterly useless. Add to this, that the snippet is often totally irrelevant.

Observation 6. Algorithm updates suck:

First of all I have the feeling they are not an improvement. After all I explained that IMO search results get worse over time. But also, as a webmaster I notice it is not uncommon for a website or part of it simply disappears for a while. Gets de-indexed. That means a significant drop in visitors for a few days, and less visitors often implies a drop in revenue.

Observation 7. Google Support is non existent:

It has happened to me two times that my website got de-indexed because Google detected malware. On both occasions however it did not specify the malware. I had to use a third party website to get a clue. Contacting Google about this issue was impossible. Yes, there are volunteers in support forum who were only able to give me canned answers. Finding the presumed malware took me a few hours. It then turned out there was no malware. It was a suspicious file. It was suspicious because Google never saw it before. Which was correct because it was a new tool.

So, Google flags your website and tells people not to go there (danger ahead!). Google does not tell you what file it has a problem with. Support is non existent. And that sucks!


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