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    Download your software, type the key for registration.
    Jpeg Repair works normally.
    Quit the software and restart it again.
    A window occurs, with this error:

    Runtime error ‘-2147012867 (80072efd)’:
    Can not connect to the server

    What ??. A server ?? which server ?
    The software never starts anymore …

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    Can you try with the version I just uplaoded (1.9.2) please? And let me know if that works? Thanks in advance!

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    Yes, it’s running well now, but ……… what an ugly interface ! …
    Now, i have to find a corrupt picture to test really the software… I don’t have one for the moment.

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    Yeah, interfaces. Some said it looked cool, others says it is ugly. I am not gonna bother too much but other than saying ugly, it is more productive if you actually tell what’s bothering you most about it.

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