will close it’s doors after many years of service. But that does not mean you’re left without support. You can contact DiskTuna for support related matters.


End of life product. This DOS based tool struggled to support modern hardware and modern partition methods. You’re advised not to use it on hard disks > 2 TB. Due to dependence on BIOS extended int13h interrupts to access storage media it is also very slow.

And also: At the time DiskPatch was ‘conceived’, repairing hard disks was a more commonly accepted m.o.. Consensus today is that in case of data loss the patient media should not be written to at all (DiskPatch *does* write to patient disk). 


We’ll host the download for the 32/64 bit version. As a true, native 64 bit tool this software is far from obsolete! iRecover supports all major file systems in use today, such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and Linux file systems EXT2/3/4 and XFS. It recovers your data almost automatically! Due to the fact is true 64 bit software it can handle millions of files.

iRecover has everything on board to deal with all types of data loss like image recovery, file recovery, unformat recovery, partition recovery, RAID recovery and NAS recovery.


It has been a while since iRecover has been updated. I am considering and looking into the possibility to do so but there are no guarantees at this point. 

Truth of the matter is, there already is some very good file recovery software available from third parties. For example, I think ReclaiMe is almost perfect for ‘normal’ users as well for more experienced technicians:

  • Extremely easy to use
  • It supports all modern Windows, Linux and Mac file systems.
  • It offers NAS and RAID support (the latter needs free add-on)
  • It’s super quick
  • ReclaiMe is extremely easy to use
  • It boroughs excellent file recovery algorithms from it’s professional big brother (or sister) ‘ReclaiMe Pro’ which is used by ‘real’ data recovery engineers in real data recovery labs.

So for now:

  • If you want to or have the need to upgrade to a more future proof file recovery tool, you can drop me an email ( and I can give you a 25% discount on ReclaiMe File Recovery (Std or Ultimate). Include your original iRecover order ID.
  • If you’re looking for a modern, powerful and easy to use data recovery solution right now, I suggest ReclaiMe File Recovery.


Rather than using iUndelete you can use DiskTuna DFR (free). It is no longer actively developed.

JPEG Repair Service’s JPEG Repair Service was always already delivered by DiskTuna. Did you know DiskTuna also offers DIY photo repair software?