Wanted: Corrupt SD and other memory cards

By | October 20, 2017

For the development of an advanced file carver for digital photo recovery, we’re looking for corrupt memory cards.

We will recover your images for free!

Utility for recovering fragmented digital photos

The main problem with digital image recovery from memory cards as used in most modern camera’s today is fragmentation. 99.9% of the photo recovery tools available on the market use a simple method for recovering digital images: header/footer carving. They are able to detect the start and end of an image file. This is sufficient to recover non fragmented files.

Typically, a recovered image that was fragmented will look like this (or worse):

corrupt, fragmented image after recovery









Using more advanced techniques the utility is able to recover that same file like this:

Fragmented image correctly recovered









Currently this works for JPEG, recovery of CR2 (Canon RAW files) and NEF (Nikon RAW files) is under development.

For testing purposes we need corrupt memory cards.

What we need

  • We need image files of the complete memory card.
  • We need you to upload the file for example to your Dropbox.
  • The card needs to be physically intact so you can image it.
  • There needs to be no time pressure. As the software is under development, we can’t guarantee swift recovery times.
  • To create an image file of the memory card, you can for example use iRecover.

An image file is a sector-by-sector copy of the SD Card. To create a disk image of the SD card: Run iRecover > Select ‘Data Recovery for Windows and Linux’ > Select the SD card > Click ‘More Functions’ > Create Disk Image > Select a location to save the image file.

If you want us to try to recover your lost or deleted digital photos for free, please email me the URL from which we can download the memory card image.


2 thoughts on “Wanted: Corrupt SD and other memory cards

  1. Ben Horgan

    Hi , I have an SD card with jpeg images. Most of the images are functional but at the end the images are corrupt. These are the images I am interested in. The thumbnail is visible but when I click it, a message Data missing” appears. The amount of data in this files is similar to the functional files. Do you think you can help?


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