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By | March 25, 2017

Discounts expired.

Update! Current IObit discounts. valid until Aug 2nd 2017.

System Utility Suites back in the good ol’ DOS says.

Back in the DOS days I was a fan of system utility suites. I am talking about Memory optimizers, and disk defragmentation and such. Squeezing that extra bit of free memory out of 1 MB memory in my XT in total was a big thing. Defragmenting my 20 MB or so hard disk made a noticeable difference. Included file managers were a blessing in the command prompt driven environment.

system utility suites

Beam me up Scotty!

I remember using Norton utilities and PC Tools. I continued using them in the early Windows days. Their defrag was better, their disk doctors were better and the included file managers were much better. The utility suites usually came with cool monitoring tools that made you feel like an ensign on the bridge of a Starfleet starship. I could easily spent an hour or so just tweaking and monitoring, meanwhile talking gently to my 386 DX system.

system utility suites


And then there came a point, I don’t remember exactly when, when the system utility suites became an annoyance. I was more frequently yelling at the software “I don’t want you to do that! This is MY computer!”. They stuffed so much functionality into the software that it seemed there was some “optimizing your PC” scan going on at any given time.

I also remember that I had the feeling that they became less and less integrated. That rather than a suite of components working together I had a bunch of separate tools that were totally unaware of each other. And the bulkier the suites became, the more memory and resources they were using themselves. There is a tipping point where the cure becomes worse than the disease. So. I uninstalled Norton, rather pissed off at it I remember. Norton was the last one I used I think.

The itch…

And yet, every now and then I am tempted to try one again. I am a nerd and I loved the little tweaky settings hidden in the dark corners of the system utility suites. And maybe most of all, little ‘pingy’ graphs monitoring the inner guts of my PC. The sensors … Ensign, full sensor sweep! Yes captain!

So. Should I try again? I came across Iobit Advanced SystemCare, and it’s really dirt cheap right now as they’re having some kind of Spring Sale. And just as I was contemplating, I received a message from Avangate for which I am an affiliate: 40% discount coupons. 40% off of the already lowered prices. So that comes down to only 13,46 € for SystemCare rather than 19.99 €. To say it bluntly, even when it sucks, it’s only 13,46 €, right?





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