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Reddit.com Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Wow, 1000’s of new visitors … Or not … Last few days I noticed a huge spike in new visitors in Google Analytics. I am not really good with Google Analytics. There is so much information. Maybe to much for my liking. I’d like a Google Analytics ‘light’. Anyway, 1000’s of new visits that appeared… Read More »

This website. Observations and Experiences.

My ‘new’ website, DiskTuna.com. Okay, so DiskTuna.com is live for about half a year now. And the following are just some observations and experiences I had ‘managing’ it. I am not a WordPress or Google expert, I am not a SEO expert and not a Google Adsense expert either. There is a lot of things… Read More »

WordPress …

Never worked with a CMS before. Always used a WYSIWYG HTML editor, created htlm pages and uploaded those using FTP. Did some research on different entry level CMS systems, decided WordPress would be easiest for now. And even that is a lot of getting used to 😉