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DiskTuna 1.2.3 portable

It has come to my attention that several websites are offering a portable version of DiskTuna. As I was curious I downloaded a few. I advise NOT to download these versions as they seem to be installing unwanted software as well. They are typically offered as .RAR or .ZIP files and are larger than the… Read More »

DiskTuna hard disk temperature monitor

DiskTuna offers a safety feature that monitors the hard disk temperature and halts the current operation until it is safe to continue. The monitor is started when you select one of the following actions: defrag, optimize and compact. To determine the hard disk temperature DiskTuna uses S.M.A.R.T., or Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology. SMART attribute 194… Read More »

To defrag or not to defrag

Since I took up the DiskTuna project again, I regularly end up in discussions about the need for disk defragmentation or optimization. I’ll address a few common topics. An SSD disk is faster than every optimized conventional disk will ever be. This is true. If you really care for the fastest disk access possible, go… Read More »