NEW – IObit Malware Fighter 5 PRO – 25% Discount

Als affiliate van een aantal software aanbieders krijg ik zo nu en dan een ‘give-away’ coupon. Dit keer voor IObit’s anti malware product. Ik geef hem bij deze gewoon maar door. Dit is geen specifieke aanbeveling voor dit product. Niet omdat ik iets tegen het product heb, maar simpelweg omdat ik het niet ken. IObit… Read More »

DIY data recovery – gegevens redden voor dummies, met ReclaiMe

Hier lees je meer over, download en koop je ReclaiMe. DIY data recovery oftewel doe-het-zelf gegevens herstel kan makkelijker Zelf je gegevens redden met data recovery software (DIY data recovery), dat moet makkelijker kunnen. Dat is wat de ontwikkelaars van ReclaiMe File Recovery voor ogen hadden. Tegelijkertijd moet het programma zo’n beetje alles aankunnen. Dus of… Read More »

Triage a Hard Drive Guide for Technicians

How to Triage a Hard Drive Guide for Technicians With data recovery, your main goal is to get the patient drive cloned/imaged to a healthy drive or image file. If you cannot do this with relative ease, it is, for sure, a sign that something is wrong with the drive. In order to allow us… Read More »

Recover data from a RAW partition using ReclaiMe

To recover data from a RAW partition using ReclaiMe you will need a running Windows system and an additional disk to copy data to.  ReclaiMe File Recovery ReclaiMe is an easy to use, effective tool for file recovery. Download For Windows file systems (FAT, exFAT, NTFS, ReFS) you need to purchase the Standard License For support:… Read More »

Awesome! ReclaiMe Data Recovery Software

ReclaiMe Data Recovery Software is the most easy to use, feature rich and effective file recovery and undelete software. 94% success rate, based on 2015 statistics. (Source: Google for data recovery software, file recovery and undelete software, and you’ll find yourself lost in literally thousands of applications claiming to be the ultimate solution to your… Read More »

Excellent Hard Disk Sentinel now at version 5

Improvements and enhancements are below. The upgrade is free for registered users. If you do not have a license I recommend the Pro version. More on HD sentinel. HD Sentinel HD Sentinel official website Buy and/or download trial – STD License – $19.50 Buy and/or download trial – PRO License – $29.95 required for read/write non destructive surface… Read More »

Totally off topic …

This picture was taken in Switzerland. In the canton of Ticino (Italian speaking). The name of the valley is Val Verzasca. The name of the village is Lavertezzo.

Hard disk diagnostics and bad sector repair using DiskPatch

Using DiskPatch you can repair bad sectors very much like a utility like Spinrite but without the hocus-pocus-factor. Hard disk diagnostics using SMART DiskPatch (DIY includes a S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic utility. Since DiskPatch runs from a boot USB key it can even check disk health if the PC fails to boot. To create a DiskPatch… Read More »