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Corrupt JPEG Files

Wanted: Corrupt SD cards and other memory cards We will recover your digital photos for free from corrupt memory cards! We need real life scenarios to test an under development digital image recovery utility. Read more .. First things first, what is repair and what is recovery? Corrupt JPEG file Repair and JPEG File Recovery are… Read More »

List of ransomware decryption tools

As a result of my ransomware research I’m now following a bunch of ‘tweeters’ that work in the field of cyber security. One tweet pointed me at this list of ransomware decryption tools. Seen this list is a big mess, I cleaned it up and make it available here. In the first column the name of… Read More »

NEW – IObit Malware Fighter 5 PRO – 25% Discount

Als affiliate van een aantal software aanbieders krijg ik zo nu en dan een ‘give-away’ coupon. Dit keer voor IObit’s anti malware product. Ik geef hem bij deze gewoon maar door. Dit is geen specifieke aanbeveling voor dit product. Niet omdat ik iets tegen het product heb, maar simpelweg omdat ik het niet ken. IObit… Read More »

Excellent Hard Disk Sentinel now at version 5

Improvements and enhancements are below. The upgrade is free for registered users. If you do not have a license I recommend the Pro version. More on HD sentinel. HD Sentinel HD Sentinel official website Buy and/or download trial – STD License – $19.50 Buy and/or download trial – PRO License – $29.95 required for read/write non destructive surface… Read More »

Totally off topic …

This picture was taken in Switzerland. In the canton of Ticino (Italian speaking). The name of the valley is Val Verzasca. The name of the village is Lavertezzo.

Why you’ll never see me buy a WD My Passport

Data recovery from encrypted disks is very hard. Numerous data recovery software developers set up honey pots to draw Google search traffic of people looking for software to recover data from WD My Passport drives. Which is kind of dishonest I think. So, I guess you’ll all know, that using commercially available data recovery software… Read More »

Finding out which file is affected by a bad sector

Hard disk ‘repair’ software like Spinrite, DiskPatch or the hard disk manufacturer diagnostic software often identifies bad sectors in the form of an LBA address (logical block addressing). A commonly asked question is, “how do I determine, which file is affected by a bad sector?”. What is bad sector repair? Bad sector repair utilities do not actually… Read More » Referral Spam in Google Analytics

Wow, 1000’s of new visitors … Or not … Last few days I noticed a huge spike in new visitors in Google Analytics. I am not really good with Google Analytics. There is so much information. Maybe to much for my liking. I’d like a Google Analytics ‘light’. Anyway, 1000’s of new visits that appeared… Read More »