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Bottom half of JPEG is missing or greyed out

For my JPEG Repair Service I am often asked to repair JPEGs that only partially display. The bottom half of JPEG is missing or greyed out. I some times can and I some times can not. It all depends on if there is data present I can work with. Fact is  that the image partially shows, so the… Read More »

There is two kinds of people …

For your sake I hope you belong to the first ‘type’. If you just discovered you’re a type two person my advice is not to go on a wild goose chase for a solution. Just stay calm and chances are that this software can save your day. Both at some point need ReclaiMe File Recovery

Examine corrupt JPG files before ordering JPEG Repair Service

It’s a good idea to examine corrupt or damaged JPG files before submitting them for repair to our JPEG Repair Service. Every now and then I am offered corrupt JPEGs that are beyond repair. I can not repair them and I am pretty confident no one else can either. There are times when JPEGs are simply… Read More »