Hi, my name is Joep van Steen and I live in the Netherlands, Europe. I am 48 years old, have one daughter, and a Bulgarian rescue dog. My Linkedin.

Welcome to my little corner of the web! On this website I will post updates on my little pet project DiskTuna, a tiny disk defrag and optimization tool and also on some other projects I have planned.

I am the founder of DIY DataRecovery.nl and will talk about that software and data recovery software in general every now and then as well as other hard disk utilities. I am fascinated with hard disk related software, ever since working for PowerQuest years back. It was during that period I worked on software in my own time that eventually resulted in DiskPatch. DiskPatch is a program to repair corrupt MBRs, partition tables and boot sectors.

I sincerely hope you will find this website useful and enjoyable. And if you do I’d really appreciate if you share this website among your friend and colleagues. I love comments and feedback!

Also, if you decide to use and purchase the software I discuss, please use the URLs provided on this website as this will help me keeping this project alive.

I try to live in my van as much as I can, something I have always dreamed of, being in a small space, close to nature with as little stuff around me and to worry about as possible.



Da dog

Da dog

Home ;)

Home 😉

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Feel free to contact me, I try to answer messages within one working day. Please note that we’re located in the Netherlands, Europe (C.E.T.).

I am not a native English speaker/writer. Feel free to suggest corrections in grammar etc.. I am not a technical writer nor hold any engineering degrees. If you catch me writing nonsense, please, contact me.

Alternatively sent me an email: joep@disktuna.com.

I love hearing from you!