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Hi and welcome to! Home for my software “DiskTuna the tiny defragger”, DiskTuna DFR (Portable Undelete) and JpegDigger, a utility to extract JPGs from corrupt RAW images.

I have over 20 years of experience in developing data recovery and disk utilities. I remember my first recovery where I was helping someone gain access to deleted partition using a hex editor. It was an awesome feeling when he was able to access all his data again. It inspired me to write my first DOS based partition recovery software. Helping people recover their data is what I am passionate about since then.

The main topics on this website are File Recovery, JPEG Repair and Disk Utilities. If you find this website useful, fun or informative then please consider sharing it using the share buttons at the left of the screen. Thanks!

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For File Recovery I highly recommend:

ReclaiMe File Recovery – The world’s best data recovery software*
ReclaiMe File Recovery With this extremely easy to use file recovery software anyone can recover data! Strikes the right balance between functionality and ease of use. At the same time it is as powerful as it is simple to use. Whether you need to recover files from a SD card or a NAS RAID array and everything in between, it can do it all. Supports Windows, Linux and Apple Mac file systems. If you’re in a hurry and want the best, get ReclaiMe! More ..
$79.95 ex. VAT
iRecover – High quality data recovery software on a budget* + 25% discount
iRecover analyzing 4 disk RAID array - file recovery The affordable and powerful data recovery software iRecover supports all major file systems in use today, such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and Linux file systems EXT2/3/4 and XFS. Recovers data from NAS and RAID and offers tons of options to tweak the recovery. More ..
$59.00 inc. VAT

The worlds best disk and SSD health monitoring utility

HD Sentinel – Monitor your hard disk health (SDD, internal, USB and RAID)*
HD Sentinel disk health monitor - disk utilities Prevent data loss! If you want to monitor your hard disk’s health, you better do it right. HD Sentinel supports about every disk you throw at it, whether you need to monitor internal hard disks or SSDs, external USB drives or disks in a RAID array. It does it all. Perform hard disk tests conveniently from Windows, including bad sector repair (reallocation). Very easy on system resources. Without a doubt the world’s best hard disk and SSD Health Monitor! More ..
$19.50 ex. VAT

 * – For this software you can contact me for support (English & Dutch) because I am official support partner for this software. Also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

NEW: JPEG Repair Service

After doing countless hours of research and developing my own software, I am happy to announce that I now offer a JPEG Repair Service.

JPEG Repair Service
JPEG Repair

There are plenty of photo recovery tools and services that help you recover lost or deleted JPEGs. But not so many to repair corrupt files: Files that you are unable to open because they are not recognized as valid JPEG files, or files that do open but are somehow distorted.

Available JPG repair tools may be able to help you repair minor file corruption. More severe damage requires specialized tools, the human eye and ‘fingerspitzengefühl’. More ..

Starts at $9.95 ex. VAT

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